Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gonna work on UFO'S

So we are headed to New York for the whole Passover Holiday. I've packed like I'm going to a retreat.
I've packed my featherweight & verified that I can make it sew. wink. I've wound about a dozen bobbins too.
1. Double 4-patch on point.
2. Double 4-patch straight set because I made far too many blocks!
3. Chinese Lanterns variant of a courthouse steps log cabin
4. I Spy for co-workers baby due in October. (I'm gonna give a quilt gift on time!)
5. Rail Fence
6. Dresden Plate - needed to mix in some hand work.


Rhonda said...

Whew! All those projects will definitely keep your interest.

Gclub said...

Thanks for your sharing, it helps me a lot and I think I'll watch your post more.