Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Question, question, I've got a question

If you get a quilt quilted by a longarmer, most of the time because of the density of the quilting there isn't a lot of drape - aka it isn't cuddly. Not good or bad, just an assumption before I ask the question.

If you densely hand quilt do you get the same effect?

Full disclosure, my top is still being basted so I haven't gotten past minimal quilting yet.

Oh yeah, On the blog, I typed it, I'm going to hand quilt a quilt. & no I'm not smart enough to start with a crib quilt, I'm starting with a KING size quilt. I have quilted smaller pieces, & I got a frame that I hope will fix my previous "can't get past the point where I can bunch up the quilt" problem.

Memory - such a fleeting thing to have... One of my UFO's is a hand quilted lap quilt. So I am apparently not starting with a KING, but it kind of sounds like I might be moving on to a king before finishing a lap.

In other news we went here
After going to the quilt show in Hershey, Pa, where I got my great grandmothers quilt appraised & spent too much money.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I'm always inspired by Rossie's blog. She has an academic background & was reviewing quilt books from that perspective - I LOVED those posts.

I like her what to stash post more for the fact that it is not what you are expecting to read in a post of that title. Rather she is honest to her own self.

So I am going to "verbalize" my stash needs.

1. I am a scrappy quilter. In most cases, it is fiscally sound for me to buy a charm pack - even though yardage may be less expensive. (Think about my quilts, so many of them used or could have used 1 piece of this print, 1 piece of that print times 100.)
Seriously, I pieced 7 of these:
Pink scrap vomit with the back showing
As one concrete example of how I like to make scrap quilts.

2. This kind of goes with number 1., but I need to stash low volume (light, low contrast prints) prints. These become scrappy backgrounds.

3. Novelties - mostly on white backgrounds or ones that are light in general. (If you narrow you wants, then you are less inclined to buy too many & it is easier to use them with "red" as an example.)

4. I can't rule out any colors - I pretty much like all of them. & I love how Kona (& other solids) have multiple versions of "red" again as an example.

5. I better write it down because I am drawn to their siren song - Japanese Taupes - especially the woven ones. (I have so many UFO's/WIPS/Dreams with these fabrics & several 100% finished quilts too.)
DSC05457.JPG (I miss that little boy cat.)

Just because I have stated what I "need" that does not absolve me from buying other pieces/sizes. (There are quilt pattern's that require more than 1 small piece of fabric.)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Have you been to Delaware? What can you do there? Ordinarily I would visit a National Park, but Delaware does not have one. I'm not terribly interested in visiting the beach. If your suggestion is 5 year old friendly that would be a bonus. Just a day trip... (My Geography fan is apparently collecting states.)

Speaking of 5 year old friendly, we are headed back to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA & Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA in a couple weeks. (As of now - Quilt Show on Friday, Amusement Park on Saturday - we booked one nights stay in a hotel, I would like to visit the Country Kitchen in Intercourse, PA on the way home.)

Sadness = when your cat runs away as you try to pet her. Or Irritation = when your human really doesn't understand "meow." (She is treating me like a kitten.) Not the best photo, but this is my life right now. She hopped up to "see me" but when I reached out to pet her she ran away. So sad, I eventually followed her (as she wanted to begin with) she has a full food bowl & 2 bowls of fresh kitty water. What more could she want? Oh yeah - chicken or beef or fish. Too bad kitty momma is sipping on an iced mocha. :o)

My son is kind of into dinosaurs. Dinosaurs...
So the Smithsonian's dinosaur exhibit is closed for 5 years. Good thing he likes other things too. The boys left me to rest while they went to the National Mall to the Natural History museum - just in case & to see the ocean exhibit.

I am kind of addicted to Eleanor Burns & I am going to have to blame Carla for this new addiction. I've been watching her TV Shows - they are on her website, on Vimeo, &on Youtube. (& I have invested in a couple rulers & a couple books...)

I have accepted a commission to make a wedding canopy (Chuppah) for a couple in Israel. The center is with a machine embroiderer as I type. There is no way that I could appliqué the quote like on my chuppah.
My Chuppah

The commission will be similar but different.

Still thinking about how to use those warm/cool squares... Maybe as Eleanor Burns style flying geese.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Warm & cool, ready to become half square triangles, but I'm not feeling it. What would you do with an equal number of warm & cool 5 inch squares? As you can see, I have another pile of squares waiting to become half square triangles. Or are they? After the other monster, I'm not really feeling it... (Though I do still want to try to make a spiral.) What would you do with an even number of warm & cool 5 inch squares? (Please don't ask how many I have - the official answer is a lot.)

Thursday, July 03, 2014


My top is done.
Here it is in quarters. We are having rain, so I couldn't take it outside. Not that I would have been able to get a full shot anyway.
The "orange/red" is my backing fabric. It is extra wide.
I'm not 100% sure that it looks like I thought it would, but I'm o.k. with that.

I'm happy that 90% of my darks are dark enough & 90% of my lights are light enough. When I was working one block at a time, I wasn't always sure about the values.