Friday, June 27, 2014


If it's Friday, it must be the day to work on my half square triangle quilt.

Earlier, I decided to use an extra wide back, so I changed from a 10x10 to a 9x11 layout to that the top isn't too wide (always better when the top fits the back.).

I guess that is a good part of my rather nebulous layout plan.

Anyway, I have all 100 blocks pieced & pressed. & I sifted through the lot to pull out the odd man out. Which is o.k., because I may need a few units here & there to make my grand plan work.

Friday, June 20, 2014


I almost died a little
I've been sewing. As you can see, I am working on "9-patch" units. Can you see the pattern that I am going for? Do you see how the one row doesn't look quite right?
& then I just flipped the last row around
I just had to flip the one row around to get the pattern right.
& now I know that I need to pay attention while sewing those rows into blocks.

BTW this represents 93 blocks, the other 7 are sewn - I sewed them together because they looked like the did not follow the pattern - they do, I just didn't realize it at the time. My quilt will be 10x10 of those "9-patch" blocks.

Friday, June 06, 2014

For Pink's Sake - a blog hop

Bear with me, I haven't done one of these... (I hope the links and buttons all work.) Anna is a friend of me from the DC Modern Quilt Guild. So I decided, what they heck, I'll play along.  Anna is doing the blog hop to generate blocks & to fund treatment for her M-I-L's breast cancer treatment. You can donate at this go fund me site directly. (If the buttons below and up just being pictures, Anna - at Life so Crafty will work under May 10 or right here. Insert sheepish grin.) Anna will be hosting a give-away on August 2 for anyone who participates in her cause (monetary contributions, pink blocks, participants in the blog hop, and reposting about the blog hop).

Back in April we "sewed" at her house where I dropped off a bunch of pink scraps to help pull these many blocks together. I'm now thinking that maybe I should have saved a few of them... I know I kept a piece of pink cat fabric, but I'd be darned of I could find it now... (Luckily I have more pink cat fabric.)

Now to go make that block.

Oh look, I easily found 5 pink cat prints.

I'm going to use the one with the crowns because I goes best with my background & star point fabric.
(Don't you love how I am live blogging in my head on the blog fully understanding that I'm not going to post it until the block is done.)

& this is where I was supposed to talk about how I fussy cut the cat to what ever size it was & I cut the squares for the half square triangles (hst's) 1 inch bigger so that I could trim them after sewing & how I make my half square triangles using the pencil line on the back. And then I was going to say that the points are light because that is how the first hst got sewn onto the kitty in the middle. BUT then my sewing machine said "clean the thread nest under the plate." There wasn't one, but I did clean out the lint. & then could not get the sewing machine to stitch again, I re threaded, put in a new needle, put in a new bobbin, NOTHING worked. (Yes, I realize that you are here for a blog hop not a sewing machine fiasco story.) So I am now about to use my featherweight. Wish me luck. (I know I'm not actually going to publish yet, so that you know that I need your luck, but...)

After having to relearn how to thread the featherweight & after having to unsew 4 seams, here is my friendship star block.


BTW You can send a block too - if I didn't mention that above. Check out Anna's blog for the how-to.

breast cancer facts most common cancer worldwide

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