Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014


I've been working on these. What have you been working on?

This "block" is made up of 10 inch units. So there will only be 9 blocks, but the resulting quilt will still be large.

I want this done to tops stage by the time I board the cruise ship on Tuesday...

So I have been setting & mostly meeting daily goals. Yesterdays was to have the blocks pieced. Today;s is to have the long seams on these blocks pressed & at a minimum, the next seams to be sew to be pinned together. (I'd actually prefer to have the 3 long rows sew & pressed.)

Thursday, January 09, 2014

So I have sort of been doing a quilting goal of the day...

Since the new year.

& I have been making string blocks. (I bought paper from Missouri Star Quilt Co.)

I'm nearing the end of the string blocks - not the end of the strings, which is actually o.k. because I have a scrappy spiderweb planned. I probably have more than enough strings for those already. :o)

Oh well...

My big goal is to have the strings as a top so that I can pull the papers while on the cruise ship. Productive, can do a little or a lot, can stop right away, can let little one help, etc.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

word of the year

I'll take prepare.

I need to prepare for my upcoming cruise vacation. (I have my spiderweb that needs to have its paper removed & I hope to finish a string so that I can remove those papers too.)
Also for the cruise, I prepared a bunch of squares that shall become half square triangles.
For the cruise itself, not the quilter on vacation needs projects portion. I am preparing for my birthday & for fun activities, meals & excursions.

I need to prepare to get sleeping beauty into Kindergarten. Parent's interview first, then after our cruise an assessment for my little reader.

I need to prepare to sew up more of my stash.

I need to prepare for our last family vacation before we are shackled to a school calendar to the Desert Southwest in May. So far we have plane tickets, car rental, & hotels/lodges planned.

I need to prepare more at work...

I need to prepare more healthy food.

I need to prepare for my athletic endeavors.

See prepare is a pretty good word for me.

I do not need to prepare for a nap - I have that one in control as does my little buddy.