Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Since I can easily spread Mt. Vernon out for a while... (I won't but I can.)
I decided to drop in this "sucking up the spaghetti" shot. I know all kids can & do do this, but POOR Jacob is usually fed other less messy pasta shapes. I know poor kid. & then there is his momma trying like the dickens to get a slurp shot. :o)

Oh the irony.

As you can tell this photo was taken in a sports bar - Hard Times Cafe. They are known for their chili offerings - 4 varieties, we opt for vegeterian.

Anyway I am posting this because somethign happened last night that I thought would "NEVER" happen. We did not have any jarred spaghetti sauce at home. (Yes, we eat the jarred stuff & yes I can make it from scratch - I even had everything on hand last night, but I did not have the time. You see I was making vegeterian chicken parmesan (Morning Star makes a chickpea patty that I like better than any chicken cutlet I've had. & I prefer real cheese to the fake stuff...) I cooked the patties thinking that I would heat up the sauce at the last minute - while the cheese melted... NOPE.

So we had chick pea patties with a rice & vegetable blend & a mineola for dessert.

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hetty said...

Great shot! This is the reason God invented bibs!