Friday, October 01, 2010

Blogtoberfest - Oct. 1

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Without having gone to read the officialness of blogtoberfest, fo rme the goal will be to blog every day - hopefully something that I did or that happened that day - or the night before...

My son at daycare in the big baby room. He gets there before there are enough toddlers to open the toddler room. My husband does the drop off & I have heard tales about the woe involved with the drop off. You see, he knows that this is the baby room & that he should be in toddlerville.

In toddlerville, they do not use high chairs, they have toddler sized tables & chairs that are too damn cute for words. The one that we got at ikea is too tall incomparison, but we need ours to last as our some grows - at daycare they need them to last for several crops of toddlers. :o)

Yes, this very same boy climbs on those tables - very bad. Luckily he is not a table climber at home, but he can hoist himself up onto the couch... :o)

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hetty said...

No big baby there. Poor Jacob! He knows his rightful place is in Toddlerville! He is so cute even when he is pouting.