Thursday, October 07, 2010

Blogtoberfect October 7

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Once upon a time ago, I lived in a studio apartment that rivaled many closets in size. I used to trim blocks while sitting in my bed.

June Taylor cut & press 2 - was & still is my friend.

I kept a grocery store bag next to me to collect the trimmings. My cat liked to sit in that bag. He apparently misses that arrangement, I snapped this shot on Monday. (He stayed there for at least an hour, probably closer to two hours.)

I cut some more fabric for my hexagon quilt last night. & I pulled some of my more favorite prints from the doubles/tripples/quadruples pile & added them to the primary pile. We'll see how & if I use the remains of the d/t/q pile.

Considering on the conservative side, I need close to 1400 hexagons for a queen sized quilt, I may be using all of them anyway...


*karendianne. said...

How cute a cat!!! Very cute. This cat needs some kitten love for very good measure.

Signed, the countdown to cookie monster. (or is it too soon?)

Melinda said...

What size hexagons are you using? I made a Christmas quilt with 2000 one inch hexagons - it was my Y2K quilt.