Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can you help me?

I am trying to develop a comprehensive list of novelty prints.
For example:
Space not limited to but including aliens, ufos, realistic space shuttle, cartoon yet realistic space items, Astronauts, animals in space, planets, stars, sun, constellations including those of the zodiac
Am I in over my head? Should I start with very generalized subjects? What are they? Do you wanna play?
I almost want to start a spreadsheet! (almost.)

Yes, I am working on an I SPY quilt - as always. I want to have 504 different images, so I thought that a list might help me see what I am missing...

(My I SPY does not have "solid red, etc. or polka dots - so in a pinch I could add those, but in a pinch I could also add a lot more cats!)

Oh yeah on that cat fabric subject, all of the cats in this quilt have to be doing something or with something, there are no plain cats.

5 inch squares - I am always accepting donations... (Extras are going into a charity quilt or two.)

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