Monday, June 21, 2010


Once upon a time ago, I shared how my crafting style is much like that of a dandylion. You know once they turn to fluff & the slightest breeze sends them everywhere - at once.

Well here is another exhibit. (I am not in the mood to press & cut all of those CW repros & shirtings yet. And I am mulling over an option 4 - making 4 patches that match instead of those that are scrappy - probably not because I will be miffed when I create otherwise unusable pairs via this method...)

But I apparently was in the mood to sort, choose, & cut for my "Newspaper" quilt.
My reds... (63 sets for a 9x7 layout = perfect!)
12 reds, 63 total in uneven amounts. I may look for a darker red & substitute. (I like the 7x9 layout.) Mostly Konas, but there is bound to be a Bella Solid & a couple by P&B in this mix.
Black & whites (These are also the backgrounds for a bright ABC quilt.) Some black on whites - these will be used in an ABC quilt as the backgrounds & at the very least the actual newsprint fabric will be in my newspaper quilt as well.
The book that the ABC pattern is in... My helper had to take a look at it. (You can see the applique for the S is for Star there are only a few appliques - helps to square up the 26 letter alphabet.) As an aside, this is the book that has the ABC quilt pattern... Sorry, he isn't showing the cover - so I can't share the title/author's name....
More black & whites including my newest pieces. This pile includes my newest pieces "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH" & the trees...
Feline black & white prints Cats... But as I was sorting these out of the others, I said, "I am missing a few..."
Even more black & whites. & so I was...
I have in excess of 40 cat black & white prints. (I have given some of them away already - so once upon a time ago I had more....)
I will use 63 different prints & am trying to use about even cats & non-cat prints. In general, if it has words, it is in. Also if it is already smaller than a fat quarter, it is in. (& I have set aside a few to share with a friend. Although the actual determination for what gets shared is nebulus - long & skinny = shared... So I am using up some of these!)
This will be part of the backing for my Newspaper (Black & white & red all over) quilt - it is a Comic strip so I think it is more than appropriate. half of the back (I have under 4 yards, but more than 3.75 yards...) as modeled by my other male helper. (The quilt size will be about 66.5 x 85.5.)
Binding for black & white & red all over And the binding - perfect huh?

As you can see, I have my reds cut out (I am making bow tie block by the way) & I have started to chop off roughly 5 x10 or from the skinny pieces two 5 x? pieces, so that I can later have more manageable pieces to trim & so that the bulk can be put away - now there is a novel idea!

Father's day was fairly uneventful:
DSC09972 Jacob helped with the unwrapping & had more fun with the boxes... (but you probably guessed that, huh?)


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh wow---what a collection of B/W's! I'm anxious to see this Newspaper quilt of yours up in action! I'll be staying tuned!

Vicki said...

I can't wait to see how this newspaper quilt turns out. I think your collection of fabrics is great and the trees are my fav!

Melinda said...

Looking forward to process photos. Great photo of Jacob and his daddy.

Quilter Kathy said...

What a fabulous collection of B & W's! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Rhonda said...

Hi "all" the fabric. You've got quite a collection going!

Sarah said...

Love the black and whites! I have a much smaller collection that I need to find a pattern for - looking forward to seeing more of your project.

dee said...

Just catching up with your posts. That picture of Jacob in the last post was priceless. Nice one today as well.
You really have a great stash of B&W. The backing fabric is fabulous.