Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hope Valley Tumblers

Hope Valley Tumblers
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So on Monday night, our toilet decided to back up. Yuck - I know! Trust me I know. I had just cleaned the shower & was now bailing toilet water into the clean shower....

Luckily we have a second bathroom. No frantic after hours calls to the plumber. Instead we called my Father in law who is fairly handy. He suggested getting a mid-line snake... So that is what I did yesterday. & I fixed the toilet!

So I rewarded my self with some sewing time. Here are the results. Those are the flower pot sized tumblers. The bases are about 12 inches across. I used all 24 prints from the Hope Vally fabric line + one solid.

For those of you with a design wall & who use it regularly. My hats off to you. Granted I did not start shuffling until I had rows sewn, but I rotated & flipped & moved each of these rows so many times that I lost count.


*karendianne. said...

You are a multi-talented chick to boot! I love this quilt top and think it should come to LeeHaven. Okay? Great. Thanks.

Rhonda said...

Love the tumbler....It's great when you can use up some of those scraps!

hetty said...

Way to go girl! Now you can add plumber to your resume. You are a super talented supermom and your tumbling blocks look great!

Chocolate Cat said...

I am super impressed that you fixed the toilet!!! I have just phoned a plumber who should be here in half an hour as we have a blocked 'something' that has got progressively worse as the morning as gone on, not the toilet thank goodness!!!