Thursday, June 17, 2010


Caveat - Yes, I probably should be able to figure this out on my own, but don't you like the give and take of asking questions & getting answers?
The facts:
1. I have a collection of CW Reproductions (I know many people find this hard to believe - myself too on occasion.) & shirtings that are just about even at 75 pieces (generally fat quarters) each.

2. I want to make a checkerboard quilt where the squares started out life as 2.5 inches cut.

The ideas:
A. Cut "X" number (I have no idea how many, really - I should have started there, right?) of each and sew them together 1 by 1. I have some 5 inch charms included in my collection that I would really like to use.

B. Sew 1 light strip to 1 dark strip, sub-cut ever 2.5 inches & then make 4-patches, etc. until the quilt is big enough.

C. Sew strata of 6 (light, dark, light, dark, light, dark), sub-cut every 2.5 inches & them make 36-patch blocks.

The question(s):
Which is wisest, A. B. or C. (remember the charms that I want to use & that while some are fat quarters, others are not & several of those fat quarters are missing bits...)?

If I go with C. (& Perhaps make a couple extra 6 piece strips using the charms & other extras that might be found after cutting for the strata to add in) will there be enough Variety in the piecing? Or will I (you) see the dark flag fabric next to the striped shirting all the time?

Using the 2.5 inches cut as a given, how many of each would I need to make a quilt that is about 80 inches square when finished? How many 36 patches would that take?

Do you want to see the collections?
Civil War Era Reproductions
Everything from poison green to chrome yellow. Are my double pinks to light? Am I missing any color/theme?

Do you have any scraps/strips that you would like to add to my collection?

Would anyone want my leftovers?

Any other advice?


Vicki W said...

I would probably do C and make sure that I sew the strata sets together randomly - so that I don't get matching 6 x 6 squares.

80 x 80, wouldn't that be 40 squares wide and long - 560 squares total? Calculating that, I would make the strata 5 strips wide or 4 strips wide.

Lesly said...

I would also share your concern about option C, so I think I would go with B. I hate doing the math - thank goodness Vicki W. got here before me! And I am drooling over your collection. I have a smaller collection and I just adore it.

Not Lucy said...

Actually you will need 1600 squares all together - 40 X 40 = 1600. That is a lot of squares to cut individually and then sew together so I would say that doing b or c is going to be much easier. I would probably do a just because I am usually making a scrappy quilt and don't have the larger pieces to make the strips.

If you want to get rid of scraps I am always up for more scraps, crazy woman that I am!

*karendianne. said...

Okay friend, I love these fabrics and of course I'd want to have the leftovers but I think I'd have to contribute in order to warrant such a gift. I like the idea of four patches because I think they're cute. But you probably knew I'd say that. So, really I'm not sure I've contributed anything but, if it works out, I'd of course love the leavings from this one. ...and friend, what a super yummy stash of CW's there. Ohhh I love them.

Kathie said...

I wuold love the left overs and yes I will send you more strips to add to your stash pictured here..
very fun
more variety if you go with 4 patches, and quick and easy to make in mho

*karendianne. said...

I do have some darker double pinks you might like. I could shoot those your way. And while I've been sewing I was thinking I also like the 36 patch block idea. Actually, I really dig that. Outside of the 4 patch with maybe a placement block of a HST or a simple setting block. Thinking about it... Happy thinking. :)

Miri said...

I think I would do a mixture of 4 strips in a strata set and some individual squares or 2 strip sets - it would be easier to add the charm squares at 5"...also I would treat all the fabrics as if they were fat quarters-cut a full length strip in half for 21" long-that gives more variety so that fabric is not always next to the same fabric (you can even cut into 11" lengths sometimes for more variety).

Rhonda said...

I'm thinking "B". "C" requires alot of thinking, at least it would for me.....LOL

Anonymous said...

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Quilter Kathy said...

Love your fabric collection! I am terrible with math so I have no advice on that :)
But I could send you some leftover squares from my QFAH freeze frame...I just have a few scraps left since I made the scrappy backing.