Monday, May 24, 2010

Nosey minds want to know & other mindlint

Is there a right way to put a roll of toilet (loo) paper on the dispenser? With the paper going over or dangling under... Why? (Do you feel especially strong about this? Would you change it?) Do you ever wonder about similar trivial issues?

Do you like Chik-fil-a? Do you like Spicy chicken? Go to & register for a free sandwich.

Dinner tonight - just happens to be chicken - not chik-fil-a, not even as a sandwich. I cooked the chicken last night, but we were too filled up on ice cream & fruit to eat it. I'll share the recipe after I taste it. It was new to me. I was happy that the potatoes cooked with the chicken.

Now to plan out the rest of the week. I know that we are having sloppy joes one night, beyond that - no idea...


Susan said...

I vote over-the-top on the TP - and love CFA, looking forward to trying the sandwich!

Teresa said...

I don't care if it is over, under, sideways, whatever - as long as it is there! My hubby has the habit of emptying the roll and not replacing it with a new one, which I don't notice until I need it.

Your cat quilt is beautiful and I love the entry way into your home.

paula, the quilter said...

Over the top because I think under unrolls faster and uses more. Yes, I will change it. I also squeeze it to flatten the roll a bit so it doesn't unroll so fast. I have NEVER eaten at Chic-fil-a. Is that un-American?

cindyquiltsOR said...

Well, the places I have worked where I had a key to the tissue dispenser ... paper rolls over the top. Boss told me it helps keep kids from playing with the paper.

All I know: I HATE having to look for the end where it begins if the last person loaded it backwards.

ALTHO ... someone leaving an empty roller gets to me as well. I live alone, doesn't happen here!

Rhonda said...

Very interesting question.....I gave up on the over/under toilet paper....after awhile it just wasn't worth the headache to correct. So now I have a neat wire basket that I dump several rolls into and I must say, it doesn't run out at quickly as when it on a wall mount.
As for the chicken....I love to cook at home so takeout is not something I do often. My favorite chicken recipe is the one with the breasts rolled in French's Onions served with an apple salad....Oh dear, now I'm hungry.....LOL

Mama Koch said...

I could care less which way it's loaded on the dispenser as long as it's within reach to use.

All we have is KFC, and I wouldn't be caught dead eating in there.

I want to see the whole quilt hanging above your couch.