Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ice cream is best when eaten with your fingers.

Ice cream is best when eaten with your fingers.
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Which segways nicely into this post idea:

last night marked the start of Shavuot, the Jewish Festival of Weeks... exactly fifty days from the second day of Passover.

It’s a convenient holiday on which to commemorate the Giving of the Law, for which reason it is known as z’man matan torateinu. But it has ancient agricultural roots, being observed at the time of the wheat harvest. It’s when the Israelites would bring their first fruits to the Temple in Jerusalem, a time of great rejoicing.

Back then, having food to eat was reason enough to rejoice.

Nowadays, we eat dairy products (hence the ice cream photo). So last night I made cheese stuffed shells. & This little boy loved them! He also covered his face in the cheese filling! (I got a cute photo, but it is in my camera.) (I use the recipe on the box of Jumbo Shells.) "One explanation for the consumption of dairy foods on this holiday is that the Israelites had not yet received the Torah, with its laws of shechita (ritual slaughtering of animals). As the food they had prepared beforehand was not in accordance with these laws, they opted to eat simple dairy meals to honor the holiday. Some say it harks back to King Solomon's portrayal of the Torah as "honey and milk are under your tongue" (Song of Songs 4:11)." (From wikipedia)
Another reason that I have heard is that not unlike how mother's milk gives an infant everything that he needs, the Torah is also complete & gives you everything that you need.

We also stay up all night studying... (Ahem, that would explain why our house was quiet at 9-9:30)

"One thing that Shavuot is known for is being little-known. It is postulated that among other reasons, its obscurity is related to the gravitas of the Torah itself, with its numerous positive commandments and negative commandments." (From wikipedia, which once again gives a good explanation.)

In the meantime, chag sameach - a Happy Shavuot. (And Happy Pentecost to our Christian friends.)


Quiltdivajulie said...

Thanks for the explanations and information.

Cute photo - ice cream is best ... whenever it is eaten (no matter how or why).


Sarah said...

chag sameach to you and yours! I'm not Jewish but I studied Judaism at a reform congregation and actually went to a Shavout service.

Now I have a question for you. The last quilt I made was the biggest thing I had ever quilted. At the end I was very tired and felt like some kind of commemoration should be performed after such an arduous task. I remembered that Jews have prayers for every occasion. So is there a prayer for finishing a quilt, or a big project?

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

My email is getstitchy AT yahoo DOTcom.

Rian said...

Once again, thanks for the background on your holiday. I don't know about eating ice cream with my hands though...I'm too finicky, I guess. But the expression on Jacob's face says it all!!