Friday, February 12, 2010


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I wonder if he is playing in the snow with his father today? I took this photo on Saturday when the snow was still deep & fluffy. He was o.k. with it until some snow got on his face.

I forgot to mention that I tried a new recipe for dinner last night (using only what we had on hand no less) & it was pretty good.

A1 Beef Stew (I got the recipe from
took me forever to find the link, but here it is:
Once again, I was fairly faithful to the recipe. (I had a 10 oz. bottle of storebrand A1, so I shook & shook until I thought I had enough & I used apple cider vinegar instead of the variety called for & used the "rest" which was far closer to 1 TBSP.)

Did I tell you that we lost electricity last week? Luckily it was on Friday & only lasted for 3-ish hours. I got off of work early on that Friday in anticipation of the snow storm & I started my chili fairly early, so when we lost electricity at 7, we were o.k. with a hot meal anyway. After dinner, I read by flashlight, Borderline by Nevada Barr & loved it.


dee said...

Adorable- and the "snark lessons from the cat" made me laugh out loud. Too funny. He's really into the discovery phase of things now. Wild times!

hetty said...

I have been a bit out of commission this past week, so this is my first visit to your blog. Jacob is adorable. I hate snow on my face too! You guys certainly got a lot of the white stuff! We still have nothing to speak of. We may set a record for the least amount of snowfall in one winter. And I'll bet you are setting the record for the most!

cindyquiltsOR said...

I love the little knit scarf around his neck.

Do you knit as well as quilt?

Rian said...

Having seen the news, I think your headline of "Snow!" is an understatement, no?