Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sleeping "hard"

Sleeping "hard"
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When I saw that he had not kicked off the blanket, I had to get a photo. (He just rolled over - hence the flushed cheeks/sweaty hair.)

This was back on Tuesday. I had to leave work early, my poor guy was just not himself, refused a nap & lunch. I managed to get a Doctor's appointment - he has an ear infection again. (But before we got to the Doctor's office, we ran a couple errands (almost out of cat food) during which time, his demeanor improved greatly. YAY. (I even called him a big ole faker...)

By the time we got home after the doctor's appointment & the wait for his prescription, he was totally zonking out.

I could have posted this same photo yesterday as well. - but yesterday's phot would have included his hoodie! He was so tired that he barely roused as I took him out of his car seat. So I just laid him down, covered him up & watched as he zonked out once again.

(No, I did not sew anything - whole lot of waiting/running around yesterday. But I did cut some more fabrics. I need to count those J, A, & O prints again - I might have 60 of each - the magic number.)


hetty said...

Oh, no! My favourite blogsite baby is not feeling well! Hope your earache is better soon Jacob!

Rhonda said...

Poor little pumpkin!

dee said...

Get well soon Jacob! We all need that smile back.