Friday, February 12, 2010

Reading with Mommy.

Reading with Mommy.
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I made it to work. But boy am I going to miss this guy. He is staying home with his daddy. The busses/subway are not operating in a manner that would allow mu husband to get to work. So we skipped the dropping off the baby for one day of daycare routine.

Jacob said, "Hi" to me on the phone.... :o) he has also started to take a few tentative steps, but he is still scared & when he is not in the mood, he crosses his legs so that you can not even get him to stand. (He might be taking snark lessons from the cat!)

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Rhonda said...

Funny...about the crossing his boys take their time when it comes to seems.
Glad you made it to work safely!!!
Take care.
We finally got 3 inches of snow here is central Texas. I did a quick video to preserve it...LOL