Monday, February 08, 2010

Crisis Averted

Crisis Averted
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I've gone through & culled my fabrics on several occasions. Including the cat prints. I am not sure why I kept this Y2K print. (I bought it after the millennium for a cat charm quilt - there is a piece of this in both of my cat charm quilts.)

Fast forward in time to the near past/almost present.

Then I had a dream about an X quilt - "X Marks the spot" & the Search for X prints began in ernest. At almost the same time, I revisited an I SPY quilt idea for my son, JACOB & Started to cut for that as well.

After I cut a piece from a cat print that fit the JACOB quilt mold (without being "just a cat.") I noticed that I had a big enough leftover of a pretty cool print, so I started to cut for a Cat ABC quilt. That should be no problem with my prints.

What things begin with a Z? Zipper - o.k. look at my sewing cat prints & see if you can find a zipper - nope. Zoo - no luck, Zeplin, no luck, etc. Then I thought ZERO - I just purchased a Numbers fat quarter for ONE - but it had babies, not cats... I did not have a numbers cat print...

& Then I saw it my Y2K/Millennium cat print - it used 2000 instead of Y2K or Millennium - that is also know as two-zero-zero-zero. Hence the title Crisis Averted. I now have all of my cat prints from Aquarium to Zero!


Andi said...

Very Cool! I love your thematic I-Spy series :-)

Rhonda said...

Glad you worked it all's great when things come together.

Anonymous said...

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Jeanne said...

The scope of your cat fab collection amazes me!!

Jeanne :)