Sunday, November 01, 2009

Meal plan

Today I made Cincinnati Chili for tomorrow's dinner. & may I just say for all the years that I watched WKRP in Cincinnati that it is a good thing that I do not live there, because I could not spell Cincinnati for the life of me. But I made enough Cincinnati chili to freeze some for later.

On Tuesday we will have chicken with brussels sprouts - probably using the Neil Sedaka recipe.

After that we have planned three things that can be easily pulled off the shelf or out of the freezer, pierogies, pasta, & pea soup that I froze the last time I made it.

What do you have planned? Do you plan? Do you stick to the plan?


*karendianne. said...

Fantastic. I'm just sitting here with my back pain, which I shouldn't be doing but I'm OCD about getting behind blogging. So I like your plan. I want to read your keeping Kosher post but I didn't get to that yet. You can see that for yourself! hee. Okay so what do I have planned, do I plan and do I stick to a plan?

Yes, I have a plan, I stick to it and here's what it is. (keep in mind it's just feeding for 1 here) I do fruit, egg and coffee for breakfast daily (5-6am). No changes? Nope. Very rigid I tell you! 10:30 an apple or banana then I'm usually good until I wake up from my nap between 1-2. Then I have coffee and another apple or if I'm ravenous I'll have my lunch (try to have it at 3pm if I can wait). For lunch it's steamed veges or, if I'm ravenous, I'll have a Healthy Choice. Then later I'll have another apple or a couple rice cakes with peanut butter. Then around 6-7 (try to be flexible on time) I have Salad. Sometimes with a bit of grilled frozen chicken, sometimes note. Then around now or a bit later I'll have some yogurt. I have to stock up on that!

There is no excitement in food world around here. Being a home person with limited mobile action I have to make some addt'l lifestyle sacrifices else I'll be fatter than, well, let's just say I can't afford to eat like I used to.

But come Thanksgiving, I'll be throwin' down!!!!

(OMG Amy this is really long - sorry)

Linda said...

there was a recipe for Cincinnati Chile in the latest Cooking Light magazine and that is what we had on Halloween. I have made chili for many years on the day - first when we had a little one out trick or treating and now just because......... I tried the Cincinatti Chile - different with the spagetti noodles at the bottom, but good none the less. Leftover frozen for when I'm not home for dinner and someone can take out a single serving and have his own - don't think he will make the pasta, tho!!!!!!

Jessica said...

we plan, and usually stick to it for atleast the first part of the week.

C goes grocery shopping on Saturday and if I'm lucky, he'll cook (Food & Wine mag recipes) Sat & Sunday. Monday - THursday we have 4 recipes planned out, but we may switch days or sides at the last minute due to the amount of left overs from a previous night. (i.e. Tomorrow i'm making farfalle with salmon, Tuesday- greek lentils. if there's enough pasta left for a second dinner then lentils will get moved to thursday).
by friday i'm usually sick of cooking and pooped from trying to keep up with the week. he'll suggest omlets, i won't argue.
but my point-- we shop once a week based on a menu plan. If the plan changes we have to find some way to accomodate the purchased ingredients, you know?

Rian said...

Let's see...Monday is chicken marsala, Tuesday is chicken in wine/dijon sauce, Wednesday is meatloaf. Yes we plan our menus, and we go to the market twice a week. I keep the notes to remind me what the HECK I'm supposed to do with the food, that the green beans go wth the meatloaf. So yes, I stick to it. But breakfast and lunch are ad hoc every day.

Howdy said...

I'm planning to start planning... LOL Seriously I do need to get into a routine of cooking and freezing some of those meals for other dinners and for some lunches for DH. I plan to get several soups cooked this week so that I can get ahead and have things in the freezer.

Chocolate Cat said...

I try to write out a menu for the whole week on the weekend and shop for it. When I manage we have a great week but lately I haven't got that far and each morning is the same question "Whats for dinner?" followed by a trip to the supermarket after work!!!!

The Calico Quilter said...

Plan? Well, we tried. We would menu-plan and then shop and then both decide that the menu for dinner that night didn't sound appealling to us and make something else! So I gave up. I stock the freezer with meats and keep staples on hand so we can wing it. Also, being retired, I have time for a quick grocery run if we need fresh veggies at the last minute.