Friday, November 20, 2009

HELP - Have you shared a crock pot chili recipe on your blog?

I know that once upon a time ago - maybe a year, a quilt blogger shared a crock pot recipe - where she raved about a brand for the beans or tomatoes... She even got a goodie bag from the company after the post. I tried & liked the recipe... I even saved the recipe (or so I thought) but I can not find it...

Help a gal out - was it you? Does the scenario sound familiar?

(I found my copy of the recipe - but I still have no idea who shared it originally. I am going to make it for my mini-group next month since I know that sweets will be covered.)


Susan Freebery said...

That was Mare Green of

I remember the photo of the tomatoes!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - that is what I made for the challenge. In a few days I will post what I received. It's a beauty, for sure!

Susan Freebery said...

Mare and I are good friends. I just texted her to tell her you were looking for her. I also emailed her your blog address and as soon as she gets home she will hook you up!

Greenmare said...

well you found it faster than I could send it to you again!!
I'm so glad you liked it! We love it too and it's perfect chili weather!!!