Monday, November 30, 2009

gift quilt

gift quilt
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Anyone recognize the skyline?

This was a non-secret going away gift for a member of my sew-n-tell group. She & her husband are moving to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I am really please with how 12 gals did this 1 quilt & our fearless leader was particularly inspiring when she chose the oddly shaped sections - mine was shaped like Nevada (The one with the 2 airplanes in the sky). I was afraid that mine was a bit to sedate when I saw the others - but the overall effect is nice & all of the pieces work well together.

The best part - my block was 100% from my stash! There are definite shadows - so I went right to my "cat fur" fabric stash & used cream/brown, black/gray combinations.

It was nice to see this quilt & the gals prior to the departure - but they did not need anything more to pack!


*karendianne. said...


I'm so impressed. It's like day and night, too. And how fantastic that you pulled your part from your stash. That makes it feel all the more special with all that detail. This must really be something to see UP CLOSE and PERSONAL. I'm also amazed how someone was able to pull together so many women to create a work that is so complex. Wow!

hetty said...

Wow! Fantastic! What a wonderful gift. Amazing what a group of quilters can accomplish. And I'll bet it's even better 'in person'.