Monday, November 30, 2009

Cute Frown?

Cute Frown?
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He was perplexed by the candle!

Did your holiday (if you celebrated) go as planned? Did the menu remain as planned?

I am apparently a go with the flow kind of gal.
1. I don't care for the whole "open the gift for everyone to see" idea. My mother-in-law loves it - she wants to make sure that everything is even steven - aka what her friends give to Jacob better equal what she gave to their grand children... (issues, I know.) But we do it anyway - or it has already been done for us. (Yes, she pulled a gift out of a gift bag for us.)

2. I planned for chocolate cupcakes for desert - we separated the Birthday from the Thanksgiving. Which was a brilliant idea because i had to wash & change the baby after the cup cake.

3. I planned on cooking "everything" on Thursday. I then saw that someone cooked the bird the day before & heated it up on Thursday - I did that & it worked out perfectly! (I also did the cranberry sauce & cupcakes a day or two before.)

4. I planned on:

Brussels Sprouts (roasted) - 2 bags, only did 1
asparagus (roasted) 2 bunches (unchanged)
stuffing two ways (unchanged)
acorn squash (roasted with a brownsugar rosemary sauce) - 2 squash (only did 1)
potatoes - planned on baking 2 or 3 - I found tiny (big grape sized) potatoes that I split & half & roasted - I got 2 bags cooked one
Sweet potatoes - planned to roast them with thyme - baked them plain
cranberry sauce - made 1 lb. to plan - did not get to the recipe that would use some of the rest...
Made pumpkin cookies for desert - was not on the original plan (I have more dough in my refrigerator that needs to be baked soon.)
Made banana bread for desert - was not on the original plan

As you can see - in addition to left over turkey, I have several raw vegetables to take care of in the near future.

Any leftover turkey recipes out there? - that don't include dairy products or "cream of" soups? (I did make a carcass soup & froze some of it.) Or general ideas on how to use leftover turkey? (I froze a breast, but I have several "cups" of turkey chunks.)

FYI - that "skin" only part that is in the crook of the turkey wing - you know it, right? I took a bite of it on Saturday - that is the flavor of Thanksgiving for me. I was so satisfied - but I ate the whole wing, skin & all anyway.


*karendianne. said...

Jacob what are you thinking? What actually is going thru your mind. Amy, for real on the drawers? Right on for you to make that work out. Only a goddess of her realm could pull that off.

1. she pulled a gift from the bag? *nice.

2. I bet you do a lot of "wash and change the baby" at this point in life, ha?

3. Day ahead work - wise! I tell you this. You poke holes in my theories.

4. Killer planned meal. I dig that. Well, except B.Sprouts. There's a story there.

...naturally because everything has a story.

Rhonda said...

What a cute birthday picture. I love his expression. As for Thanksgiving dinner.......I had 2 of with the boys and their families on Wednesday evening and then with Mom on Thursday.....I really don't want to even think about eating again until Christmas....maybe. Take care.

hetty said...

Another photo that makes me smile! I know what he is saying! "Mom finally baked me a chocolate cupcake and then she goes and lights it on fire!" As for left over turkey, I usually don't have any. I buy the smallest bird I can find. And if there is anything left over, my son makes turkey salad sandwiches, freezes them and takes one out each day for lunch until they are all gone.

Libby said...

Darling pic - wonder just what's going through his mind.
The menu sounds delish - as for leftovers, we do a couple full meal reheats and the rest become sandwiches *s*

The Calico Quilter said...

Ah yes - the "wearing of the cake"! I checked all your pictures on flickr. Precious!

Sweet P said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! Sounds like he had a wonderful day!

Great job on the menu planning. I only had to make dessert and it turned out yummy.

Kay said...

It isn't chic, but I love turkey pot pie. Just simmer some turkey chunks with vegetables, fresh or frozen, and broth or gravy if you have any, until the vegetables are tender. Then put in a pie pan and cover with a prepared crust; bake at 400 until the crust is brown. You might need to thicken the filling a bit, but it cooks away during baking so it can be fairly runny.

My grandchildren were confused by the cakes. They'd never seen one before. I have a similar picture. It wasn't like that in my kids' day!

sew katie did said...

I just posted our all time favorite.