Friday, May 15, 2009

cutting, cutting, cutting

I have been cutting the selvages off of most of my fabrics (BIG FAT LIE - I am not taking out all of my fabrics...), So I have been cutting the selvages off of a bunch of my fabrics.

I, by the way, still have way to much fabric. I am probably going to have a grab bag of fabrics to give away eventually.

I have been cutting for 2 I SPY quilts, one will be queen or king size, needing about 525 charms... 21 x 25 layout. (95 inches x 113 inches) I have about 350, but I have some that I have you to cut as well... No they are not all cats. That is the other one that I am cutting out. It is inevitable, whenever I am cutting/sorting, I end up with a cat pile. I have not counted the cat pile, but I am going to make a twin sized quilt with them. Only this time, the cats have to be doing something, wearing something, with something, or on something - not just cats for cat sake - unless they are already in the pile. My rules are flexible.

I am also cutting about 99 10.5 inch squares for a "Bonnie back." Those are my larger novelties, so that a whole scene can be sceen instead of just a portion of the scene, as in the case when they are used on the front, although I am trying not to use them on the front if they are on the back, but I may have to become more flexible there as I need about 175 more charms right now.

What are you working on? (Why am I doing this instead of sandwiching & quilting the crib sized I SPY?)


*karendianne. said...

I love the back idea you have going on. I'm working on those dern hourglass blocks. Yesterday was a frogging day. Arghhhh.!

Bad Human? said...

I'm working on the back for my Mixtape Quilt and a set of curtains for my home office. Pretty pink flowers say serious business woman right? :)

Melinda said...

Are you saving the selvages for a project? What project? I am saving for a variation of the Red Zinger that was in Quilter's Home and is on the Selvage Blog.

Don't throw the selvages away - there are lots of us who lust over them.

Andi said...

I have plans for using I-Spy quilts in my classroom, so I am on the hunt for specific scenes. I'll blog about it soon!

Catherine said...

I hope you show pictures of your kitty fabric collection! It sounds absolutely amazing!

Sheridan said...

Are you after more I spy fabrics? I have some I am happy to send you. What size squares are you cutting?