Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brussels Sprouts are addictive...

No seriously, they are! (Keep reading or skip to the end - I think it gets funny...)

Up until Monday night, I had never had them. (Or they were not memorable - or they were horrible & I completely avoided those baby cabbages.)

A while ago, Rian shared her method of Brussels Sprouts preparation. I was intrigued. The way she talked about them, the way they looked, etc.

So while I was adhereing to my new, eat fish (salmon or halibut, not so much tuna) at least 3 times a week diet, I got a bunch of those brussesl sprouts. (After deciding that I actually like Kale, I decided to be more adventurous and try more vegetables...) The first night they were o.k. - I was in a hurry since I basically should have been in my car on my way to a discussion when I was pulling them out of the oven... I mentioned to a vegetarian frined at the meeting that I had just tried brussels sprouts. & She said how much she liked them, pan fried. When I got home, my husband had ate a portion & we had enough for leftovers the next day of both the salmon & the brussels sprouts. So I pan fired them. Oh my gosh they were so good, almost sweet.

So last night I decided to get some more salmon (I had been looking for new Passover recipes & found a couple for salmon) for dinner last night & picked up another bunch of those sprouts.

My salmon, or the garlic that I pressed onto my salmon, had issues, but the brussesl sprouts were devine. I just wanted to pick at a few of the cripsy bits... I must have looked like I was going to eat my fingers, I ate so much right there from the pan over the stove! I left some for my husband, but when I put her share onto his plate, it looked like he had too much - so I nibbled a bit more... I could have eaten the whole batch! Just thinking about it makes me want more, but I better make the salad that I got the fixings for last night...

As a mommy, did I just say no more vegetables, bad mommy. (Any bets on who may be having more brussesl sprouts tonight?)

BTW after a state of the household meeting, no new car for me... (But I'd be an idiot to pass up on Joanne's Quilter's Stimulus package!)

BTW that stimulus plan really got me in gear to start sewing. After Jacob's midnight feeding, I sorted through some of my novelty charms, so that I can start feeding them through the machine!


Libby said...

I love Brussels sprouts, too. I thought they might be a hard sell on Hubby . . . but he is a fan, too.
I'm putting in garden plants and thought I bought some to grow (have you seen them - they are funny) but now I believe my plants are broccoli. I'll try again another time.

Michael5000 said...

Once an apartment house I lived in was evacuated due to a horrible, acrid smelling circulating through the building. It turned out the guy in the basement was cooking Brussels sprouts.

I don't like Brussels sprouts.

Rian said...

Glad you liked the Brussels sprouts. Now kale is one I have never tried. DH puts it in his juicer, and it tastes sweet. I must remember to cook it sometime.