Monday, March 30, 2009

a bit of a scare

As you may or may not have known, Jacob is not gaining weight as we would like.
We have had several weight check appointments & we are supplementing with formula & baby cereal. Our last weight check was about 2.5 weeks ago & he weighed 11 pounds. (maintaining/gaining from the previos week.)
So today was his 4 month well baby appointment.
Plop that baby on the scale &.... 11 lbs. (Oh no! But he is a happy baby, but he is an active baby, but he is an engaged baby, but he feels like he weighs more, but he weighs more on the home scale...)
In addition to the regular check-up stuff we make plans to help figure out the problem... (not limited to but including a referral to a pediatric gastrointerologist) Then the doctor say's lets check his weight again.
Thankfully he had that thought, because he is actually closer to 12 pounds!
(We are going to the GI doctor on Thursday anyway - Jacob spit up a lot while at his appointment this morning & he has been on baby Zantac for a month.)

So while seeing the 11 pounds gave us a scare, his situation is not as dire as it was...

Everything else is fine - length, head circumfrence, joints, social interaction, etc. He had 3 shots, but was fine after a bit of feeding. :o) (If nothing else, nursing really does have a calming effect for both of us.)

& he gets to start eating baby cereal in addition to just drinking it. :o)

Friday, March 27, 2009

This is "my" rainbow cake

"My" in the sense that this is the one that I like... The one that I blogged about the other day.
The one that you can (only) buy in a Kosher bakery in Baltimore. It is sold in the shape of a loaf, this is one slice - take from my lunch bag. (It is sitting on my desk at work, where you can almost see the cough drops in the distance - because yes, I have another cold...)

The candy bits on the side, do you call them sprinkles or jimmies (or hundreds and thousands)?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is not "my" rainbow cake

But it is pretty darn cool & you can get the directions on how to make one right here!
(I am not ready to make the whole rainbow, but I am quite interested in making a cake mix with soda... I have had some 7-up cakes that were soooo good.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Becasue we'd hate for him to melt...

No one is going to my baby in his rain suit!

Quilts from the weekend's quilt shows

On Sunday I went to Bowie, Maryland.
DSC06781.JPG hand applique & hand embroidery...
DSC06772.JPG It really looks like the glacier.
DSC06750.JPG Taupe! (When I was in ear shot, I heard a gal telling someone that this quilt had generated a lot of buzz the day before.) You guys know how much I love taupe!
While in Bowie, I met Susie. After hearing, "Are you 'The Calico Cat?'"
On Saturday, we went to Manasas, Virginia. I found out about that show from a gal who reads my blog. Thanks again for the heads up.
DSC06719.JPG Snow peas, get it?
DSC06709.JPG I feel one of these coming on...
DSC06681.JPG MOD! I have that cat print...
DSC06670.JPG Dogwood is my favorite tree! I have a dogwood UFO....
These two joined me in Manasas.
DSC06726.JPG I rescued that 30's top & "fixed" & finished it myself. If satin stitch can be considered a proper fix for piecing...
You should have heard the ladies when we wheeled in the stroller... :o)

quilting 2

I forgot to mention that I "quilted" last night... meaning I cut more I SPY prints, so i will have to count & sort & shuffle the I SPY's in Jacob't quilt again. :o)

See why it is a UFO?

Button chicks...

For the love of those button chicks, I am entering this giveaway!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Since Ruth is sharing her knits, we might as well share this lovely that Ruth made as well.
Thanks again, we love it. BTW he had a onsie on under it, but "spit-up happens." & his cream pants - perfect match!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Denyse Schmidt does not live here....

I am 99% sure that Denyse Schmidt is not sold in my area. (I think that Artful Quilter may carry it & I do not go to some shops that I know about - time distance, that LACK of a need to buy fabric or to spend money...)

I went to 2 local quilt shows this past weekend (more on that later), & went to 1 the weekend before & the weekend before that I was at the quilt festival in Mid-Atlantic.

& I did not see 1 fat quarter... (I was looking, too.)

Back to Artful Quilter...

I am lucky in that my husband indulges my quilt show addiction...
So we went to Manasas, Virginia. Not exactly close to me - any place that makes you take Route 66 (Fairfax & Price William Counties, Virginia at least) to get there is going to see farther that is it - like that message in your rearview mirror about things appearing closer than they are... On the way back, I thought, "We can go to Artful Quilter." Reality then set it, we are ALL hungry, we want to get home at a decent time, I don't "need" any more fabric, etc. So we drove past it without stopping... We did stop for lunch & my patient baby allowed me to finish my brunch. & we stopped at a grocery store to get a few things for the holiday...

So I am still thinking that Denyse Schmidt does not live here...

But I did hear that Bonnie Hunter will be in Virginia to teach at the Northern Virginia Quilter's Unilimted show (in June)... I'm definately going to that show, but in general, I don't take classes...

We'll be at at least a couple other shows in the mean time...

Rainbow Cake

Is that a Baltimore thing? A Jewish thing? Anyway we needed to go to Baltimore this past weekend & the thought alone made me crave Rainbow cake.

So I just googled rainbow cake & found caked iced with rainbows - not what I wanted to find, so I added the adjective "Jewish" & found this:

"Jewish Deli Rainbow Cake Recipe Wanted My husband is from Baltimore and grew up eating that wonderful Rainbow cake from the delies back there. Now we live in Southern California and Hanukah is just not the same without it. Its sort-of like pound cake but died red, green, yellow and chocolate with chocolate icing and some type of fruit jelly filling. Can anyone help me recreate this dessert?"

Maybe it is a Jewish Baltimore thing...
(If you are in Baltimore, Goldman's is my preferred bakery for this delicacy & I prefer the jelly filling over the chocolate.)

BTW They kind of look like these cookies - only bigger like a cake. (& I "can" get similar cookies in the DC area, but they ARE NOT THE SAME.)

Now I need to check the aluminum foil package in my lunch bag - could it be a slice of cake?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I remember how that became an UFO...

This all started after I went to a LQS with my son & we chatted about the I SPY quilt on the wall. (I had set I SPY aside thinking that it was a better toddler than baby quilt, but I really liked talking to him about the images...)

So I decided to look at my I SPY quilt squares/plans again... The pattern that I am going to use is called stretched stars or x-quisite most often. I am using Pat Speth's Nickel Quilts book for the pattern. (You can see her Autumn Stretched Star here.) So for a twin sized quilt you need about "X" number of novelty charms. I have at least 3X (3 times more than I need) some are duplicates, others are triplicates, but there are quite a few singletons. As you might have guessed, far too many are cat related - cat on a fence, cat doing laundry, you get the picture. I also have a lot of bugs for some reason...

So last night, I pulled all of the "blue" ones, the baby ones & the masculine ones. After trying to verify no repeats, I still had X+ way too many. So I pulled the ones that could be classified as adult - a "Tiffany" lamp, etc. I still had X+ too many... I kept culling, "Do I have too many bugs?" until I got down to "X." Now I am thinking, what about those prints that I have not cut charms from yet? Like the Blue VW Vans by Heather Ross that I was SOOOOOO lucky to be able to trade for! (Silly me, I was trying to be frugal when shopping & only purchased the pink ones...)

& I remember how this became a 2 twin quilt minimum project... (I am not up to 4 minimum - 1 in blue, 1 in lavendar, 1 in cats, 1 for mommy using the "adult" charms & my very favorite ones.)

Did I also mention that I have another I SPY pattern with charms at the ready...

tip-toeing through the blogiverse

So I was reading Mary's blog & she mentioned "Go Cutter" (She linked it, I clicked it.) & saw this!
Humble Homes by Noble Needle Quilting & Sewing

I've never been a school house quilt "fan." I mean I like them o.k. & contimplated making one using Bonnie's pattern - with cats in the doors & windows... but alas, I never quite got around to that... I guess I really like the colors on this one....

But that one led me to this one also by Noble Needle Quilting & Sewing, its called Table Scraps.

Which reminded me of this template that I OWN. (not that I could find it right now if I needed to...) Based upon the "Go Cutter" website, I think that the table runner shown is fused applique... I keep thinking that the template version that I have could possibly be a quilt as you go project...

(There will not be a Go Cutter in my future, I choked at the template price(s) - I can't imagine how much the system costs...)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Does she look familiar?

me as a baby, less that a year old.

So my husband (Aka my father's favorite) sent this photo along with the others to my father. he replied, "Who is the one in black & white?"

I guess I did not leave a last impression, much to the contrary....

Brussels Sprouts are addictive...

No seriously, they are! (Keep reading or skip to the end - I think it gets funny...)

Up until Monday night, I had never had them. (Or they were not memorable - or they were horrible & I completely avoided those baby cabbages.)

A while ago, Rian shared her method of Brussels Sprouts preparation. I was intrigued. The way she talked about them, the way they looked, etc.

So while I was adhereing to my new, eat fish (salmon or halibut, not so much tuna) at least 3 times a week diet, I got a bunch of those brussesl sprouts. (After deciding that I actually like Kale, I decided to be more adventurous and try more vegetables...) The first night they were o.k. - I was in a hurry since I basically should have been in my car on my way to a discussion when I was pulling them out of the oven... I mentioned to a vegetarian frined at the meeting that I had just tried brussels sprouts. & She said how much she liked them, pan fried. When I got home, my husband had ate a portion & we had enough for leftovers the next day of both the salmon & the brussels sprouts. So I pan fired them. Oh my gosh they were so good, almost sweet.

So last night I decided to get some more salmon (I had been looking for new Passover recipes & found a couple for salmon) for dinner last night & picked up another bunch of those sprouts.

My salmon, or the garlic that I pressed onto my salmon, had issues, but the brussesl sprouts were devine. I just wanted to pick at a few of the cripsy bits... I must have looked like I was going to eat my fingers, I ate so much right there from the pan over the stove! I left some for my husband, but when I put her share onto his plate, it looked like he had too much - so I nibbled a bit more... I could have eaten the whole batch! Just thinking about it makes me want more, but I better make the salad that I got the fixings for last night...

As a mommy, did I just say no more vegetables, bad mommy. (Any bets on who may be having more brussesl sprouts tonight?)

BTW after a state of the household meeting, no new car for me... (But I'd be an idiot to pass up on Joanne's Quilter's Stimulus package!)

BTW that stimulus plan really got me in gear to start sewing. After Jacob's midnight feeding, I sorted through some of my novelty charms, so that I can start feeding them through the machine!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well at first I was going to blog about thinking about getting a new car... The kind with a tax credit for being good on the milage (see below) & as part of the stumulus package, the taxes for a new car come off your gross income (see the link)...

Then I heard about a stimulus package that I can really use! (Ahem...)
Floribunda let me know & now I am letting you know - go here right now to read about "Joanne's Quilting Stimulus Package!"
I guess having more than 300 blogs on your bloglines is a good thing.

Off to get my baby - after leaving a comment on Joanne's blog SplittingStitches.

A boy & his mum

The most beautiful Baby Boy in the whole world... Here he is at 3 months in green (a day late...)

DOCBOZO2[2] Here is his mommy - a wee bit older (6 months).
DOCBOZO1[2] I am also less than a year old in this picture, but I'm not sure the exact age. But I was bald... :o)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend recap (of sorts)

On Saturday in the early morning, we lost electricity. Since we live in a condo where our electric is part of the condo fee, we are not on the bill for the electric company. So we can not call the electric compant to report outages. So my husband called the condo association - they told him to call the electric company. (He is going to the condo association meeting...) Anyway our hot water is on a boiler & most of our community had electricity so we each had a hot shower. (I can deal with the lack of electricity a lot more easily than the lack of hot water...) So when we were ready to leave, the electric company was out checking out the problem... It is/was not an electric company problem, so a private electric company is on site fixing the problem.

Skip ahead for a few hours... Jacob & I went to meet a friend for lunch,
bought some terribly cute onesies (One of them has an appliqued chick on it and it says "Spring Chicken."), went to a local quilt show (photos below & here from the black & white challenge blog), and we had dinner with my grandparents.

Meanwhile my husband, who declined the trip to Baltimore, found a fridge/freezer for our perishables. & as I arrived home, the private electric company broke down & brought in a heavy duty generator so that no one would freeze over night. I am assuming that they will return to finish the job today - they did not work on Sunday.

In comparison, yesterday was down right uneventful, so I will skip back to the quilt show.
DSC06629.JPG My favorite - hands down!
DSC06630.JPG The chicken border on this one cracked me up & made me think, "I could do that with cats..."
Here is one of the chickens:
DSC06637.JPG Could I not share the only cat that I found?
Better late than never, eh?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

eye candy

Take a look at what Vicki did to my photograph... (Feel free to take a look at her other blog posts too. Her blog is one of the first ones that I visit, because she regularly posts a post that is chock full of links of stuff that is being made in the blogosphere.)

Thanks again Vicki.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



When you look at a photo, what do you see?

Do you see the wrap & wonder, "What the heck is that?" It is a Moby Wrap. We've used it a few times with varying levels of success... We might have started to use it a bit late for Jacob's comfort with the concept. Although there are times whem he "likes it." So maybe he was just cranky the other times. You kind of need to be a visual person to wrap it & place the baby in it... (One of us is not visual...) I like it, but I am not the baby wearer that I "knew" I was going to be. You see we have the click & go car seat/stroller combination. The extra space below the stroller is so useful & the fact that you have to have the car seat menas that I rarely get around to using the wrap.

The green bit is the handle to his "JUMBO" Land's End "Diaper Bag." Several Bum Genius cloth diapers & the associated accoutrment of a baby do not fit into a "real" diaper bag.

The other shoulder strap belongs to my husband's back pack.

I look at that photo & see me as a baby... The head shape is the same... the expression is the same... (Must go through my photos...)

So at the end of the day what the photo shows is the dry run trial at getting the baby to day care on the bus. (Not that we ever left the hotel room all "dolled up." & I think at the end of the day my husband prefers to carry the baby - The baby did not fit into the wrap while wearing his snowsuit.)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Hag Purim Sameach

Happy Purim
Jacob will be an apple! I will be the tree, since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. (Yes, I have been saving that one up for a while...)

A good explaination of why Jacob is wearing a costume can be found in the wiki link above...

I might even have an apple hamantashen in my lunch bag. (I let my lunch packer - aka husband choose.)

While I could have made the hamantashen, I didn't... Loads of recipes abound on the net & depending on where you live they are available in grocery stores - our local stores carry them all the time in the prepackaged but not Pepperidge Farm part of the bakery.
But if you want or need, there are some gluten free recipes here.
Quilter, Quiz Master Extrordinaire Michael is also reading the Bible & blogging about it. He read Esther not to long ago...

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Pat just had a "rant" about word verification. (I do believe that in my 3+ years of blogging that i had a similar rant once upon a time ago.)

My current "peeve" with blogger is that when the blog owner chooses to have the comments embedded below the post, I can not leave a comment! I type in the word verification & then NOTHING! No error, no waiting, no nothing! As a matter of fact I had that/this very conversation not to long ago with MamaSpark. (After have sent her an e-mail instead of leaving a comment...)

Not that I am asking anyone to change their settings or anything, but did figure out how to "fix it." (Other people may be experiencing my problem & not leaving you comments as a consequence....)

Just another rambling from my brain.

Is anyone else having this problem?

(Just a tidbit of trivia, I have a yahoo e-mail account & I don't get a lot of spam - maybe 1 a week - but I don't have word verification... How can that be? I attribute it to the fact that I don't allow anonymouse (I know that tha tis spelled incorrectly) comments...

quilt shows in my future

(I guess that means that I am done posting about Mid-Atlantic? maybe not...)

A local one, that is too cloase to my grandparents to miss.
Baltimore Heritage Quiler's Guild
& another big one, that is not put on by Mancuso. (Nice to see the differences...)
Quilter's Heritage Celebration in Lancaster, Pa.

Anyone going to Lancaster? I'll probably go on Saturday, April 4th. (Saturday's just work best with my schedule...)

another donation

Actually getting to the post office is apparently challenging for me.

I have a good excuse...

In addition to the quilt (80's Carpenters Wheel) that I showed a couple weeks ago, I wanted to find 1 more quilt (I'll share it as soon as the binding is done). Meanwhile I found this gem:

Factory Girl Challenge quilt

that I will also donate to

& I went to a big box store & found fleece blankets for a steal, so I got several. :o)

Friday, March 06, 2009

more quilts...

I am always drawn to this quilter's quilts. Here are a couple from Mid-Atlantic 2007

I like the whimsy & the fabric choices.
Another quilt from the 2009 Mid-Atlantic Quilt festival
I always like this quilter's work too, here are some of her previous entries.

From 2007

From 2008

Thursday, March 05, 2009

More from the quilt shows

On the Black & White Quilt Challenge blog, I posted these quilts.



All three by the same quilter (if it wasn't obvious) the bottom one won a ribbon. The top on was my favorite of the 3, I like the flecks of gold. These are the kind of "Art Quilt" that I like, I feel as though I could hang this in my home right now... (I'd have to rearrange the quilts that are already hanging, but...)








Two different quilters who have truely mastered this technique! I am always amazed by the use of blue & green on faces... The one on the bottom was used on the post cards that advertised this exhibit.