Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This and that - 8 days to go

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I was going to blog earlier, but I had an OB appt scheduled, so I decided to wait...

This quilt was hanging at the show that I went to last weekend. I think that it is my favorite.

The baby is still in a breech position. The measurements & heartbeat are fine. So we are still on for 11/26/08 at noon.

My heartburn is back - with a vengance! & I have sore muscles between my lower ribs.

The cabinets were delivered yesterday & the installer has been at my house all day. I hope that the cats are not offering too much help...


Rhonda said...

Look at it this way, if the kitties help, the work will get done faster.....LOL.....Maybe a warm soak in the tub will help your soreness. Take care.

Catherine said...

Wow -- what a quilt! I love it. It's giving me ideas. LOL
You must be getting excited -- 8 days!!
I hope the cabinet installation goes really smoothly and you don't have too much mess to clean up.

simplicitybegins said...

My "soreness below the ribs" was cured when my baby came. There just isn't much room at this point and all the bumping is against your ribs! I'm eager to hear all is well and your calico kitten has appeared!!!

andsewitis Holly said...

8 days!!! It wasn't that long ago that you were wondering if the morning or all-day sickness would ever go away.