Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oh my gosh, this has never happened to me before!
Yesterday morning, I cut my red on white prints since that was the smaller pile. I ended up with 156 strips (about 4 from each print). I guess since I purposely tried to get about 4 from each strip, I ended up with a number that is evenly divisible by 4 (There is a math-y word for that, but it is not in my brain right now...), better yet, since I cut them at 2.5 inch widths, I will end up at about 78 inches in length - which is right about where I wanted to be!

I usually start cutting & over cut or under cut, I am never right on!

Oh well, off to cut the reds & red on blacks - but I better count how many are in my cut pile first - because I definitely will not need 4 of each from them.

I went to the local quilt show yesterday, it was nice, I will share as soon as I upload the photos.

We also washed all of the baby stuff yesterday, so I at least have a picture of a pile of quilts to share from that experience.

Oh & since there was a request, there may be baby bump photo or two to share as well.


Greenmare said...

looking forward to the kitten bump! wow good job on cutting. Isn't it amazing how long it takes to cut? I'm always surprised that an hour or two has passed!

Michael5000 said...