Sunday, August 17, 2008

thinking & preparing

Once upon a time ago in the land of blogger (wordpress, typepad, etc.) there were blog rings... There were a few free tutorials and quilt patterns.
Then there were giveaways - for number of posts or for blogiversaries or for "I need to get rid of stuff." Des anyone know when the freebees started to happen? Why? Is there a list of common mile stones? Is the gift that you give for your first blogiversary listed somewhere - it has been a while since I have been to a Hallmark store - where they have lists for first anniversary gifts... What about the gift that you give once you hit post number "X?"

I am wondering because I am nearing 1,000 posts... & in November it will be my 3rd year blogiversary... I wonder because I see give aways for 100 posts & 1 year blogiversaries... I completely passed those opportunities up - because I grew up in blogger.2 - we must be in blogger.3 or .4 by now & maybe these rules cropped up in one of these upgrades... (FYI quite a few of those who grew up in blogger.1 are now published authors... I missed that opportunity too - but then again, I am not inventing anything new nor am I putting my spin on things... I don't care for the learning from mistakes school of thought... & My inner child likes patterns...)

If it is the third Sunday - it is sew-n-tell day! I knew that I was not dragging my sewing machine out today, so I had to decide what I would bring to work on...
1. Binding on the second of 6 Olympics quilts... (I may have over-stated how many of those I could do in 2 weeks time - with a full time job...)
2. Cutting for a postage stamp quilt. I have had a pile of scraps around for quite a while waiting patiently to become 1.5 inch squares... I have the mini mat & mini cutter - maybe today is the day that I start cutting for that project.
3. Pressing - I need to press the RR X-ing quilt units. I need to press the borders for a quilt for my baby.
4. Cooking/baking - I baked a cake last night - we have no frosting & I did not feel like making it from scratch... Gazpacho - I have been craving soup - hopfully that will satisfy me & hopefully I will find a nice artesan bread to go with it.

I hope that your weekend is productive. (& I hope that I will have some photos to share tomorrow!)


paula, the quilter said...

I've noticed the same phenomenon. I've been on blogger one month longer than you so my 3 year is coming up, but I do not post as often and haven't even hit 500 yet. I have had 1 giveaway for (I think) my 200th post. Can't remember. I am thinking of another, just because I am tired of looking at the homespuns. But I was going to wait until the quilt gets back from the LAer.

Jeanne said...

Hi Amy,
I've been out of the swing of things here in blogland kind of all summer. Trying to get myself reactivated.

I'll be at three years too, the end of November, although my early writings were lost when Blogger converted. I've noticed the giveaway culture develop, too. But so far I haven't offered any celebration/prize activities. I'm not quite sure I want to get into all that. My original purpose was sharing ideas, not sharing stuff.

Good question -- I'll watch for other responses you get.

Do we get to see a baby belly? :)

Shasta said...
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Shasta said...

Amy, there aren't any rules for having giveaways. You can choose your milestones, or you can choose not to give any away at all. If you find it fun, do it, if not don't.

Libby said...

If only Hallmark had one of those little calendar books - 1 year = fat quarter, etc *s*
I would guess that it's all up to what you care to do and how you care to handle it. I had a giveaway at the 1 year mark but skipped out on 2. Maybe I'll do something later it the year . . . all depends on how the wind blows.

Catherine said...

This is an interesting post -- and one I'll be following to see what other comments you get on it!

Exuberant Color said...

You only participate in give aways if you want to. Some people don't want to be bothered or obligated. If it doesn't come from the heart, don't do it. As far as what you give, again, it should be your heart's desire to do it and anything is OK. There are no rules (thank goodness).

Ruth's Place said...

I completely missed my 2 year blogiversary (last week), life ran over me. I think it's entirely up to the individual whether or not to have a giveaway etc. With everything that you have going on, I don't think you should feel obligated...