Saturday, August 23, 2008

My CW & shirting collection

My CW & shirting collection
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Once upon a time ago, this collection was a lot larger. I sent a bunch of these off so that they would actually be used, instead of being looked at on my shelf. (I live in an area where a lot of Civil War battles took place & I have been to several of them & always think - I should make a CW quilt. Hence the collection.)

So why am I sharing these now? (& not one of 2 or 3 CW UFO's?)

My early assumption about what my ALQS2 partner would like was in a word, WRONG. Luckily I kept a few of these. They are more her style. :o)

BTW the shirtings on the top are not your everyday shirtings - like the ones on the bottom & I love to get those charm packs. There are several charm/super scrappy quilts living in me!

Now to start cutting!


Catherine said...

I am really glad you showed those -- I'm figuring they may give me even more of an idea re the colours for one of the swaps I'm in. I just know I'm going to have trouble with this so the more assistance like this, the better!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh my I love these.

Bizarre Quilter said...

OOh yum! I love these fabrics. I couldn't work out what CW fabrics were before reading this older post. Derr! LOL!! There is no way I would make one of those postage stamp quilts, but I support you 100 per cent!! I like Log Cabin way too much.
Thanks for visiting my blog too.
Loz in Oz

P.S. Just by reading the last few posts, are you expecting your first baby???