Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kitten update & quilt content... (grouply)

I had an OB appointment yesterday afternoon. Everything looks fine. (I added a "ticker" to the bottom of my page & made a few other changes.) The Rx for the heartburn has made a WORLD of difference. I got a script to have the gestational diabetes screening - I hear that that is a "fun" experience...

Cleaning/reorganizing is a horrid idea - don't do it.
I was going to show you a "Faux Jelly Roll" of Kaffe prints with "lights" and with "Darks" to solicit opinions on which way to go for a log cabin quilt.

Until I started to make room for the baby furniture, I knew exactly where thay Jelly Roll was located - I was going to use it for Hanne's Summer Strip Challenge... Now I have NO idea where it is located. & the thought of stripping lights & darks for the log cabin is not rating very high on my list of "want to do's". (Although stripping them at 1.5 or 2 inches wide sounds more pleasing than the 2.5 inches that are the width of a jelly roll - maybe this is a good think in disguise. No, because I wanted to use those Kaffe scraps in the Chinese Coins quilt...)

I was also going to audition the ALQS2 top with double pink borders.... (I know where the pinks are - I haven't put them away yet.) But when I could not find the number 1 item - I never quite got on to number 2.

I do know where my supplies for the RR quilt are located - thankfully! (I just need to get going on that project.)

I know where my new fancy foot it for the baby quilt, but the booklet explaining just how to use it has been misplaced - that is what I get for deciding to look at the book before deciding to do the sewing. I think I know how to do it & I have scraps to give it a dry run. What is it? Shirring.

Yesterday I googled Bargello quilts - lots of neat stuff out there on that subject too. I am ruminating on what to google today - maybe I will decide after I read my bloglines & browse through flickr.

Chinese Coins is ranking pretty high on my list right now. (But I better find that Kaffe jelly roll first!)

Does anyone else google a quilt type - for inspiration/blog fodder?

Oh anyone know about grouply? Sounds pretty awful - the bits that I have heard... (I want to know more, but I do not want to investigate.)


martha said...

I agree-reorganizing is a good way o lose things!
Chinese coins sounds cool. Good luck finding the roll:) and I am glad to hear all is well.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Love the ticker!!!
Great for all of us wanting to keep track.
I have no idea what grouply is, but yes, I often google quilts for inspiration-and about everything else in the world as well, how did we do School projects before Google??? Tracey

Quiltdivajulie said...

I Google for ideas all the time... need Google for around the house too!!!

Good luck searching/finding!

Libby said...

Cute ticker . . . never heard of grouply and now I'm afraid to look into it. I'll just check back here later. I've barely started my first cup of coffee (west coast, you know) and I don't know what I would be looking at *s*

Lisa D. said...

I love the baby ticker - it says "Now that my eyes can open, I'm already rolling them to prep for my teenage years" Don't count on waiting that long, my 8 year old has been doing it for years!! :)

YankeeQuilter said...

I think it is intresting how Goggle evolved from a noun to a verb...well really both. Anyway, sure I goggle patterns, strange names, towns...just about everything.

Morah said...

Never heard of Grouply till yesterday and then twice! First I get an email ...yeah right, I'm gonna click the link and send info...then you.....will need to check into it myself.