Monday, August 04, 2008

Heather Ross Baby Quilt

Heather Ross Baby Quilt
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My sewing for the weekend.
Once upon a time ago, each of those blocks was going to be a different Heather Ross print, but the print on whites were not play well with the white background. So I started with the Hot pink inthe center & went from there - although obviously I did not make all of the prints "go with" that one. I like that it is definately gender neutral. (Orange, green, yellow, geometric, with a sprinkling of blue & pink.) The only "problem" it ended up bigger that i though it would... Now it is "big enough" but I am not sure about adding the borders now.

Would you add borders?

Plain white was my original idea, but then again in my original idea, this would have been hand quilted. I am now thinking that this is a good size for my faux minkie back - which would change the qulting plan from "old fashioned small stitches in thread" to big stitches made with perle cotton. (I am thinking hearts in the white squares. SID around the large squares in the 9-patches.)

I also finished my hand button holing - that is also a quilt for the baby. One that I never thought about hand quilting since I used fusible web for the appliques. (It was a chore to do the button holing!)

I worked on the Railroad Crossing quilt kind of as a Leader Ender. (If that is what I was doing, I think that the way i piece is not so conducive to leader endering. With this quilt, I did 24 seams (blocks to squares) & then did 1 RR X-ing seam. I then did the 2 pairs in the top row & the two pairs int he second row, once Idid the second row, i snipped off the first set & added the third pair, etc. So I did not get to so a RR X-ing seam until near the very end. Does that make sense? Is that how leader- ender sewing works? (I have a RR X-ing seam in the machine as we speak.)

I baked the "mixed bread" muffins (no loaf pan to be found in my pantry... I thought that I had a pyrex one...) Yum.

I also crock potted some beef ribs (Flanken), but once they were done we were not hungry - so they are in the fridge for tonight. They smelled good & fell off the bones nicely. & We will be having corn! (I need to try out Libby's corn soufle recipe - we have that much corn!)


dot said...

This is a cool quilt. I probably would not put a border on it.

Exuberant Color said...

Most quilts only need a border if you want to make them bigger. I like it the way it is.

Tanya said...

What a lovely little quilt. I guess I would put a colorful border on it. Stripes?

Jacquie said...

no border for me. i love it just the way it is.

Ruth's Place said...

It's adorable! I'd probably add a border just so I could use more of the fabric :)