Wednesday, August 13, 2008

County fair time...

First - I made the black & batik block last night - YAY!
Second - I have not thought about binding for 2 or 3 days now - BOO!
Third - we interviewed a pediatrician (Actually one of the nurses in the office of several pediatricians) How the heck do you make that kind of choice? ACK!
Fourth - we went to the fair.
Here is a sampling of what we saw (or at least what I chose to photograph - or what was easily photographable):

DSC05496.JPG This little boy was less than a day old... AWWWWWW
DSC05495.JPG baby duckies - AWWWWWW
We also went into several animal barns... But I like the babies. & a photo of Foghorn (The Leghorn Rooster) is not that impressive with him in a cage... Ditto the bunnies...
DSC05491.JPG Most of the quilts are displayed like this... I really liked the diamond quilt & I plan on making that star quilt - just haven't quite figured out the fabrics... I kind of like this one with all "dark" prints. I also like them when the background for the star is white... I have some fabric pulled for this project - but I vasciliate on whether that is really the look that I want... So this is becoming an easy-peasy project with an indefinate delivery date!
back to the fair:
DSC05489.JPG The rest were displayed like this - depending on where in the rafters they were depended on how they photographed...
DSC05479.JPG You see this pattern a lot in my area as there is a well known teacher who teaches this a lot! (I even have one - that is quilted & bound!)
DSC05478.JPG Love the black & brights...
DSC05474.JPG The big winner at our county fair.
quilt - applique 99% sure that this is the same quilt at Hershey - where I think that it did well.

I almost forgot that I did a tiny bit on the RR X-ing quilt - while working on that black & batik block.


Kathie said...

I love this quilt !
It is one I have wanted to reproduce for a long time
Not sure I ever will but I love looking at each and every block.
Sure wish I would have seen it in person!

Shasta said...

These are beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing them Amy.

julieQ said...

This is a duplicate of a famous old quilt, right? I have seen it in books. Love it!

Deb H said...

Gosh Amy, I had to go back a ways to catch up on you! I've been lax in my blog reading this summer!

Congratulations on the impending family!

Your county fair looks just like our state fair! The quilts are lovely.

YankeeQuilter said...

Aren't country fairs great! Those quilts are beautiful.

Good luck on the ped search!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

There is a serious amount of work in that last quilt!
I love the coloured diamonds as well-how dare you add to my list- lol!!!!!!
So when is due date again? I love all your purchases. i used cloth nappies and a million (?) cloth "face washers" (do you call them flannels?)as baby bottom cleaners-I just had emergency disposable wipes occasionally in the car, but even out I took my cloth wipes damp in a sealed plastic bag. I also washed the nappies in a vinegar and eucalyptus oil mix, with a little pure soap flakes added in. Worked beautifully.
Have fun with that binding...shall i send mine next to make the most of this nesting phase??? Tracey

Ruth's Place said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilts. I go to quilt shows vicariously through your blog.

Re paediatricians, we used the one our ob/gyn worked with in the hospital and then for her 6 week check up we went to the other one that had been recommended to us. We liked his bedside manner better, and so have stayed with him. Don't be afraid to shop around.