Friday, August 01, 2008

Back to quilting

Wow, now that was fun. (I needed some mindless quilt viewing.) If you like to look at quilts & want to see an impressive collection, check out The Quilt Index. There are more that 1800 quilt pictures to look at.

I clicked on "view entire index." When I wanted to see the quilt better, I clicked on the picture, then I clicked on: "See full record" - that usually did the trick.

I actually did some cutting & some sewing last night & this morning.
Heather Ross 9-patch quilt blocks
I cut the white parts of these blocks (my goal) & I cut the alternating solid white squares & borders while I was at it. I then decided to sew on these since I wanted 2 fabric blocks & everything was thusly organized.

I sewed a tiny bit on the Railroad Crossing quilt & I did the buttonhole applique on one block as well.

All in all, I am happy that I did "something."


Libby said...

Thanks for the link . . . that's my new favorite 'bookmark.'

Karol-Ann said...

Back to quilting is great! I am pleased you want to sew.
As for them letting you take the baby home. When we got ours home we were like: "now what?" But you work it out and you'll never know what you did before!
Sorry about your previous post, not sure I understood, but not everyone says thank you like you expect!