Monday, July 28, 2008

Was I ahead of the curve?

The whole quilt:
quilt - applique
The quilting detail:
quilt - quilting
A long time ago, I had Judy quilt my border ephasizing the print as well:
detail of one of my quilts Can you tell? Was I ahead of the curve?

This time at the quilt show, I had a different rationale for taking photos... I have no idea which quilt was the grand champion - I did not pay attention to that! If the quilts that I photographed got ribbons, that is pure happenstance. This time around, I took pictures based upon visual stimluation.

This one was my favorite:
quilt - applique (I did not even notice the gradiation in the balloon bouquets until I saw the picture this morning.)
A close-up:
quilt - applique Rather unusual for me, this quilt actually seems "doable." can you see it in a baby's room?

This one also excited me:
quilt I have always liked striped prints. BTW the orangey-pink ones really pop-out when this quilt is viewed as a small size... (The rest of the quilt almost looks gray in comparison.) I guess that would be your "zinger!" The one that makes you stop & actually look at the quilt!

On my own personal quilting front...
I did the button-hole applique on 3 more blocks last night - 6 more to go!
I also played with my taupe charms - 1/2 of my wants to put them in a snowball quilt, the other 1/2 of my wants to make sure that I don't need the dark darks for my Double-X quilt (one of those value based quilts that I usually avoid!) Either way, I need to cut more charms for the showball & I need to cut a lot (All of it) for the Double-X. Oh & have I mentioned that I want to do a traditional (with triangles) card tricks quilt with my taupes as well.

Hopefully tonight, I will piece the back for the group quilt so that I can send it off for quilting. I would also like to turn 200 squares into 50 4-patches for the quilt for my dad. (I would also like to do at least 2 more button-hole applique blocks.)

O.K. I wrote down my goals...


Libby said...

Those balloons are just darling . . . a certain retro look to the whole thing.

Ruth's Place said...

Love the balloons! Are the strings appliqued on as well? It would be perfect in a baby's room.