Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The idiot quilter needs rescueing

My brain will "Never" get the hang of seam allowances.

Back story:
My husband got the Kaffe Fassett book, Passionate Patchwork through inter library loan in record time!

I had previously checked it out, but that pattern had not garnered my attention previously...

I now know why when I thought "all you do is cut a square in half diagonally & sew it back together" did not work... That is not what you do.

What you "could" do is follow the directions; however, my stripes are wider & more uniform than the ones in his pattern, so I won't. I know how to use the concept...

Which brings us to the idiot quilter question...

The center of the quilt is made up of small blocks, while the outside is made up of large blocks.

The large blocks are twice the size of the small blocks, so that everything fits together nicely without "spacers."

So if my small blocks were cut 3.5 inches, would my large blocks be cut 6.5 inches (or some other measurement)?

What if in the end I need to do 4.5 for the small blocks instead?

I know the burning question on everyones mind after my weekend full of goals met - did you sew last night - HECK no.

But I did cook & eat the beets!

& I went to my OB appointment, the kitten was moving a lot, but we are both doing fine. I got a script for the 20 week sonogram, I'll make the appointment after mr. Calico cat changes my dentist appointment.


Rian said...

All I know is, you add 7/8 to the desired finished size. So just do that and you don't need to complicate it any further.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I am math-challenged, too so I usually go online and/or to Bonnie's Quiltville to check the charts for how to end up with what I want. Better yet, I use designs that don't involve higher math!

Re comment you left on my blog about four patch table topper (where the kitty was perched) - yes, those are random scrappy four patches created using Bonnie's leaders-enders technique. GREAT way to use up leftover bits! (my e-mail was out of whack, sorry it took so long to respond!)

Exuberant Color said...

work with the finished measurement of the block to figure sizes and then add the 7/8" seam allowances which gives you real 1/4" seams

So that would be 3-7/8 and 6-7/8"

Kay said...

Exhuberant is right; but I'd make a few to test anyway.
Actually I always add an inch to the finished measurement (4 and 7) and then after the triangles have been cut and sewn together, I square the block up to 1/2 inch more than the finished size (3 1/2 and 6 1/2). That allows for errors in cutting and sewing the triangles.

Jacquie said...

Wanda is right...it doesn't make sense in my head either, but her measurements are right on!