Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It is amazing the difference a day makes

Weather wise that is...

It is by no means cool, but it is cooler that the past two day, especially in the shade.

I am supposed to walk for 30 minutes a day, I passed yesterday & Mopnday because of the heat advisories. Today & needed to go to CVS & most of the walk is in the shade - artificial or treed & boy was it "nice." The only problem, I finished my water before I winished the walk.

Oh & I went into World Market - a funky store that carries all kinds of stuff including food... We are having Soba Noodles in a Japanese sytle sauce with chicken & veggies tonight!

One of the things on my stuff list from the other day was cat related... No matter how hot we are or it is, my boy can sit in the oven (I mean window) & heat himself up - go figure! I picked him up last night, he felt like a heating pad!


Griele said...

I too am glad for the break in heat even if it is just a little one. My dogs won't stay out for longer then 5 minutes at a time. So it has been a lot of in/out today.

Jules said...

I am glad you all got a break in the heat. I am hoping our current thunderstorm will give us a break.

Good luck with the walking. Remember to drink lots of water. (I just wanted to say that to someone because my mother said it to me all the time...)

Becky said...

Not sure if you like ginger snap cookies or not but World Market carries THE MOST DELECTABLE ginger snaps in a tin. I absolutely LOVE them and they accompany vanilla ice cream so well.