Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It is official, I am not getting all of my comments in my e-mail box - my personal method of reading & responding to comments. Therefore, I must appologise to several people...

I was thinking - yeah, some post do not resonate & so people do not comment... Chalk it up & chat about something else...

Then I got an e-mail comment that started "I agree with ____" - wait a minute - I did not get that message!

So I am now going back & reading my comments in the comments & seeing what I was missing. Including a completely new to be blogger/blog! GASP!

For the record, when I am typing a comment on someone elses blog, I rarely read what the other commentors have said... Should I be reading those as well?

Oh & I don't do so good with blogs where the blogger replies in comments as a comment - I just don't. (I don't usually go back, I go forward with what is being said now.)


jovaliquilts said...

I've heard a few others say they haven't received all the comments in their inbox. I think I have, but maybe I should be checking...

I often read (at least skim) other comments, especially if the post is one that inspires discussion. I've also read some interesting comments and found new blogs that way.

McIrish Annie said...

you have to make the choices that work for you and your hubby!
I chose to bottle feed because I knew I was going right back to work. I used disposable diapers since my daycare provider wasn't so keen on cloth and there weren't lots of spots opened for infants.

As for delivery, you won't know til you get there. I planned to go natural and ended up having a c-section with a spinal.. so much for planning.

co-sleeping or crib, we did crib. I was always afraid he'd get crushed!

I think I have raised a pretty normal kid ( he just graduated from college). the most important thing is you need to be comfortable with your choices, since you guys are the ones that it impacts most!

Don't worry you will be fine!!

Shelina said...

I don't always read others comments, but sometimes I do. I don't if I want to make my comment fresh and not influenced by others, but sometimes I read just to make sure my comment doesn't sound exactly like everyone else's.

I'm sure most people don't go back and read comment sections of blogs they have already read. I'm not sure why people respond to comments in the comment section, although I guess it does help future commenters, if they read it before they post their own comment.

Marlene said...

Ok, so you can add this to poll...I'm not giving advice, you can decide what's best for you and your new family. But it's great to ask, it just gives you more information.

I had 4 all natural births, no drugs, no epidural, I understood the use of drugs can make labor slow down, and I didn't want that!

I asked for mirror on number 3, I wanted to watch, I didn't even think about that option for the first 2. #4 was too quick, I had everyone rushing around.

BR fed all 4, I would suggest reading a book on the subject. Opps, sorry, was that advice?

I used a diaper sevice, do they still have them? Also used disposables.

I found a pacifier is easier to break/remove the habit than the thumb.

I had 2 that carried around blankies EVERYWHERE, it gave them comfort, who cares what other people thought. I just tried to keep them clean.

Bumber pads...why would you not? Did I miss something?

Co-sleeping, only while nursing, cause I would sometimes fall asleep, then I'd wake up roll over for the other side.

Schedules, nothing forced. It was what it was.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I so agree with you. Now I know I am nuts, well I am but that is besides the point.

I have been posting about not getting email notification for comment on my blog for the past few days.

Jacquie said...

I wonder now if I've been missing things...better check. I love to respond to comments by email. I can't seem to get back to a post I've already read. There's too much out there to read. My only reply comments.

Rian said...

We all have busy lives. Sometimes, as you say, stuff doesn't resonate and you can't think of something to say, even though you dropped in.

Blogger only gave me about 10% of my comments. Really makes it difficult to get a dialogue going...

andsewitis Holly said...

Noreply comment bloggers are what frustrates me. I move forward, too, and never go back to read comments after I have left one.