Thursday, March 13, 2008

The time has come

For at least 1 thing:
The quilt give away at Old Red Barn. (See the picture on my side bar - I doubt that it will get you there if you click on it, but you can click on the hyperlink.)

& I must admit that while I finished piecing the Kaffe Fasset quilt last night, I failed to photograph it before dropping it off for quilting. :o( Trust me it looks a lot like the one in the book. :o)

Oh & we are getting fairly close to the time when you all will get to see why I was wondering about making quilts twice - or even three times.


Shelina said...

Wow you are so quick, the quilt(s) is all finished and already at the quilter. You are amazingly productive.

Kathie said...

OH I so hope it is triplets, how fun would that be! good luck..