Monday, March 31, 2008

Lancaster (overall thoughts) and the weekend.

Over all the Lancaster Quilt show was "Meh." Sorry no definition there, but on Flickr, I saw pictures of (In my humble opinion) nicer quilts at several local quilt shows.

I try to find the positive in most things - quilt shows & quilting in general. So my positive here is that one of the special exhibits was awesome & I love the miniatures that are shown in Lancaster. (I don't recall seeing any in Mid-Atlantic or Houston.) Oh & I saw some "old favorites" in Lancaster. Like the Cat Quilt by: Nancy Brown & the Clown quilt by: Cathy Wiggins.

I was able to purchase some of the Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. But I am holding on to my gift certificate to Pinwheels as they are getting new fabrics in in April. (I'll spend that one in Hershey!) I did get some Taupes though... :o) I was also able to get the paper pieces that I wanted. Now to get motivated to work on English Paper Piecing. I got backing fabric for an old project - that still needs its borders attached. I got 1 (one) cat fat quarter!

So what photos do I share?
I will share some from the special exhibit that I especially liked. Milwaukee Art Quilters "Opposing Forces"
Balance by: Lisa Anne Giesfeldt Balance by: Lisa Anne Giesfelt.
Balance (detail) by: Lisa Anne Giesfeldt Detail of the quilting on Balance.

Values - They are not all Black & White by: Mary Ellen Hous Values - They are not all Black & White by: Mary Ellen Hous.

I loved this one because she is so right. There are many mouthpieces on TV & the radio yammering on about "values" but I have serious questions about whose difinition of values they are using. (Tanya blogged about morals being taught in Japanese schools - I had to question that as well. Are Morals & Values the same thing? What makes them different?) Just from my mini-sphere of life & compilation of life experiences, I have seen & heard too much to believe that there is one set of "correct" values. (The people who "show/say" one thing but do another - One past Governor of New York as one recent example.)

The quilter probably was only thinking about the values in colors, but...


martha said...

the miniatures are beautiful!

Shelina said...

I really like the opposing forces one. I have a feeling the quilter was also thinking about values in terms of morals as well.
Difference between values and morals: just my opinion but morals are things that transcend cultures - things like being nice to each other, respecting property and space, etc. Values are more of a priority system, and can be different based on culture and even family - like valuing productivity or leisure time, etc.

Ruth's Place said...

Wow, that quilting is something else!

Pictures of the very hungry caterpillar fabric, please.

Kay said...

That "values" quilt is beautiful. I agree with your philosophical comments, too.

Tanya said...

I see what Shelina is saying so I'd agree with her that morals and values are different. I'm still not sure what they are teaching in the Japanese schools but I asked the kids and even teachers and got a lot of "Um... I'm not sure but maybe..." Nothing like being vague about your morals!

That handwriting quilting is amazing! How I'd like to try that!

Michael5000 said...

Both of your sample pieces are smashing. Good examples of what can be done in black and white by people who are a lot braver than me!