Tuesday, March 25, 2008

bound to happen

What me finish the binding on no less that 4 quilts? Nah, not that.

I have gotten to the point where there are too many UFO's vying for my time. (I can't decide, am I not in the mood to sew or not in the mood to cut - or maybe not in the mood to pull out something that is in progress.)

My primary excuse AKA excuse du jour... I have a GC to Pinwheels waiting for me to use in Lancaster, on Friday. So I don't want to "work" on the project until the new fabrics are in hand. That's my story & I'm sticking to it. I "need" dark darks. & I "want" yellow, orange & reds.

In the meantime, why am I not working on (I could generate a very long list right about now) ANYTHING else? I could not even be bothered to find a backing for the Spring Doll Quilt Swap quilt, nor could I be bothered to photograph said quilt top.

In the mean time, the cat fabric collector in me wants to know if I want/need "Tom & Jerry" fabric? (I avoided Garfield & The Cat in The Hat - but Tom & Jerry have me wondering...)

Any advice? Can anyone else think of such grand excuses? Go ahead hit me with your best excuse!

& Yes, you can expect to see lots of quilts next week, because I am going to get some blog fodder at a quilt show. :o) Then I won't feel so bad about not showing you, oh, I don't know my quilting?


McIrish Annie said...

excuse du jour - March Madness and trying to get all my crap together to do my taxes! I am working on some lovely bluework blocks for a new winter project.

and BTW no pics of Puerto Rico because the camera wire is still MIA!

Rian said...

I know only too well your dilemma and lament. I have declared a moratorium on starting anything new until I finish at least a majority of the UFOs. This is a real test.

Shelina said...

Except that until next week, you will need blog fodder, so you might have to dig out your camera and show us your spring swap, or make a couple of civil blocks or more, or bind some quilts. Your audience awaits and we're not a patient bunch. Hurry!

Laurie Ann said...

I am with you. I am just not in the mood to do any quilting right now. I think outdoor activities and dog training are calling my name. Or maybe constant sewing for the last three years has tired me out?

I love Tom and Jerry!!

Jeanne said...

I'm TOTALLY in the out-of-it/not-in-the-mood phase, too. Nothing quilty going on, and nothing to blog about :(
Maybe you'll come back from the show with some dazzling new inspiration for us?
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Tanya said...

I'm sure you'll find some great kitty fabric and your mind will be zinging with things you'll want to make!
We really want to see pictures so get your camera ready!

Ruth's Place said...

You must have the Tom and Jerry since it is a reminder of your childhood.

:) Helpful aren't I...lol

Andi said...

I'm not a fan of Tom and Jerry, but I would have to get The Cat in the Hat since I'm a booklover and Dr. Seuss is such a classic. My mom's shop has "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" fabric, I can't wait to see it!

excuses...aren't you taking classes? Kind of ironic if homework trumps quilting ;-)

Mama Koch said...

I've got about 3 different projects strung out over the sewing room floor/wall/chair/table. If I don't get organized and get at least ONE of them done soon...I feel like I"m just going in circles. No excuses..except maybe the warm weather. Being cooped up forever sure makes it hard to stay indoors!
GOod luck.