Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Stash Report (on Monday...)

I'll return to the quilt show photos shortly... (I know some people don't like sharing quilt show photos, but I give credit & this is my blog & it is a quilt blog, so if I am not quilting - I feel that I need to share what other people are quilting... & The entered into a "national" show, they should expect to see their quilts photographed & shared fo rthe world to see - especially since web shots has been around since I was knee-high to a grasshopper - or something like that!)

So I have been less than productive for weeks - months - who as I trying to kid? I did get my obligations out the door! I also am making progress on my Isotaupe quilt. So I don't feel a bit bad that I bought more taupes at Mid-Atlantic. :o) But when the vedor knows you, you might have a problem... She even asked about my husband - who was doing his own retail therapy in 2 big box stores... The cat's won't be running out of kitty litter any time soon.

So I just admitted that I bought some taupes - a few pieces - who am I trying to kid - I bought a lot of pieces... & 2 kits - one is doll sized & one is baby sized.

I also bought 2 Kaffe kits... I am a sucker for "it is all right here" packageing... I contend that I could have done a lot worse, but... I also could have been far more austere.

No idea the actual yardage - but then again, I don't care about those numbers...


Vicki W said...

Glad you found some things you needed! LOL! That's what quilt shows are for - having everything you need in one space. Fabric and kitty litter - you are all set!

Shelina said...

I enjoy the prepackaged stuff too - less wear and tear on the brain, and you get fabric you need but didn't think you needed until you got it. Just think, if you hadn't gotten it, you would have regretted not getting it when you had a chance.

Ruth's Place said...

Well I like the quilt show photos, it gives those of us who can't get to the shows a chance to see some stunning work.