Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Since Ruth asked so nicely... (I have a compulsive desire to plan for the future when I can not afford to buy... That is my excuse & I am sticking to it.)

These Kaffe Fassett prints will be Floral Parade a pattern in Quilts in the Sun. There is a kit on this web page in a different color way.
I go the kit to make this double 9-patch quilt.
Double 9-patch
Baby double 9 patch I love the way there is a rainbow of shot cottons & one solidy print. (I am not sure if I will keep my 9-patches with 1 shot cotton or mix them up - more like a confetti effect. It is not like I am using 1 shot cotton to emphasize the double 9-patch...)

I got this taupe kit ot make a flying geese doll quilt:
Taupe flying geese kit This kit even has batting!
& the kit to make Akatombo. A quilt that was in Quilters Newsletter Magazine.
& these taupes - I only wanted the blues, but...
Taupes - for the stash! (about 50 fat quarters... Yes, it is an illness, Yes, I do have enough, I am not sure if I am done buying them or not... I'd like to get some yardage for borders & GASP backing...)

Is anyone suprised not to see a hoard of cat fabrics?


Catherine said...

A retirement stash! That's what I think of buying for the future as. You've got some gorgeous kits there!

mamaspark said...

No...but you will have many more soon, hahaha!

Ruth's Place said...

Aww, so pretty. And yes, I'm surprised not to see cat fabrics...:)

Vicki W said...

"buying for the future" - that's a good one! You got some great fabrics and a really nice variety of styles and colors.

Shelina said...

Those are great fabrics - a great addition to your collection. I'll be expecting to see lots of quilts out of you soon! I think you may be able to get more than one doll quilt out of that kit.

What's a shot cotton?

Marlene said...

Wow, you got some great stuff. I totally agree with the concept of buying for the future. Fabric in the bank is as good as money in the bank. Your future looks secure.

Kathie said...

OH I just love that nine patch kit...where did you buy it from ? I just may have to make another Kaffe fabric quilt...oh DID I just say that!
and the flying geese quilt kit I would love that one too.
Yes I have to admit surprised there are not any cat fabrics, but the fabrics you did buy reflect you!

atet said...

Actually, I'm not that surprised to not see many cat fabrics. Hey, you have a lot already. And, well, ya know -- tastes do change...cringing as I say this one...