Monday, February 11, 2008


Awesome post on fabric by a "boy quilter."

My cat is a genious... My husband makes my lunch for me (Thanks). He often makes tuna - that he detests. The cats love the tuna juice. So last night, my husband was making - chopping the onion, pickle, etc, had not opened the can of tuna yet, but Miss smarty-pants knew what was next & let him know it - out loud & often!

Another thing that is quite random:
They almost never cuddle like that at home...

This photo is an example of how my girl will take pets from where ever they are offered:
(The vet's husband came to visit while we were in the Caribbean.)


McIrish Annie said...

my hubby makes my lunch too! and breakfast sometimes. and my kitties LOVE tuna juice. being babies, every time they hear the can opener they think it will be tuna juice.

oh and I'm going to San Juan in March for a week! Yea! can't wait to see your rainforest pictures.

Denise (Nour) said...

Your husband is SO nice!

Ruth's Place said...

Your husband is very nice.

Isn't it amazing how different cats will be when they're away from their owner. When our cat was in cat hotel for 3 months while we organised his visas he took to pushing his brush across the floor at the workers going past and entering his cage. He's never done anything remotely that clever (or pushy) for us!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Neat post and Ruth's comments about her cat is cute, too!