Monday, February 25, 2008

A few things - including another quilt or two from the show

I saw this on another blog & found it to be quite riotous!

How Many of Me - is a website... There are 303,507,815 people in the US. Of them, there are 684,410 named Amy. Amy is the 68th most popular first name. There are 0 peopel with my last name - NOT EVEN MY HUSBAND - so use this link with a dash of salt & a bit of scepticism. (No one has my Maiden name either - NOT EVEN MY FATHER!)

I've been awarded a bloggy award - thanks Ruth.

Aren't those kitties cute? Rhapsody will hold down RB like that when she is giving him a good cleaning!

There were a lot of cat quilts at Mid-Atlantic (or they used cat fabric or they had a cat in the quilt) & you know how much I like cats - especially in quilts.

So here is one that you would expect:

Kabuki x9 (loves?) by Sandy Curran Kabuki x9 (loves?) by: Sandy Curran - who actually had SEVERAL - I think 4 - quilts hanging in Hampton. (Her local guild had a section - where this was hanging & there was a retrospective area as well.)

& one for the dog lovers who read The Calico Cat (Thank you very much!):Forever Home by: Jolene Stratton Forever Home by: Jolene Stratton (I like the execution as well as the subject matter, especially the sentiment behind it...)


Lisa Boyer said...

Very sweet quilts, thanks for sharing. The doggy one is especially poignant.

Shelina said...

Well there is nobody in their database with either my first name or my last name. Did get a bunch of popups though -3 were blocked by the popup blocker and one came through. Makes you wonder what they want to do with the name.

Ruth's Place said...

The cat and dog quilts are very cute! There are 852876 people with my first name in the USA, but 0 people with my daughters name (and I didn't make it up, it's a real name, just uncommon)!

Marlene said...

Thanks so much for showing pictures of quilts from the show. I'm so pleased for the chance to see them.

The "Best Blogging Buddies" kitties are adorable.

andsewitis Holly said...

The 'how many of me' was fun. It said there are only two me's with identical first and last name. Betcha they are both me because I moved :)

Laurie Ann said...

Thanks for the dog shout out! :) Lots of cool quilts from that show. Thos tiny little log cabins were amazing!!