Monday, January 14, 2008

Using your stash/finishing what you have

To begin, I have not been sewing (cutting, pulling fabrics, etc.) seriously since before our trip to Israel. But I did quilt 2 doll quilts that I want to mail this week. (I just need to bind them.) I guess you can say that I am in a slump... Heres hoping that I snap out of it soon! I am bringing my long term cat applique project & my button hole applique project. Maybe I can sit on the Ledo Deck and stitch away... (I only know the Ledo Deck from The Love Boat - if there really is one I'll be gobsmacked!) After exercizing! I got some great advice on packing/laundry service, THANKS!

I am caught up on my round robin project - everything so far on that has been from stash!

So while I wish I could be extolling my use of "X" Yards/meters of fabric, I can not - But I also do not have to fess up on how much I purchased yesterday - when I strolled around "Just Loooking" and retrieving my challenge quilt!

Meanwhile, two of my long simmering quilt tops were fairly recently finished! :o)


Shelina said...

You've been busy, recovering from vacation, packing for the next one. I'm sure when you have recovered from your cruise, you will be sewing away and make up for lost time!

atet said...

Ya know -- I haven't been doing much sewing either. I have something for you I need to finish as well. If you're worried about mine -- don't. We'll get there! As for the rest, it will come! (btw, I do like your blooming 9patch. It may not have been exactly what you were shooting for -- but it is lovely in its own right!)

Karen said...

Wow, trips and finishing quilt tops, it sounds nice!