Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving recap

1. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, if you celebrate Thanksgiving. For the rest of you I hope that you had a wonderful day as well.

2. Thanks for all of the help regarding my chocolate pie - and follow-up questions.

It turned out great... Turns out I did not have as much chocolate on hand as I thought, so I went to the store & purchased what was called for... :o)

3. My turkey could not have been better! I used the America's Test Kitcken method (only I added Rosemary & Sage to the mix...) & it worked brilliantly!

4. My gravy was o.k. - my GF liked it a lot more than me & since she was my guest, that really is all that matters, right?

5. My timing still leaves a lot to be desired... I either think things will take less or more time that they do... I use a thermometer to guage the doneness of my meats, so I had to call my GF to see if she could arrive earlier :o) Luckily, the other stuff was on the plain & quick to prepare side... :o) (I baked my pies on Wednesday.)

Also on Wednesday, I cut & started to piece a quilt top... :o) I wanted a "tah-dah" moment on Friday when my GF & I planned to return to the quilt shop.

6. After the meal... We waited a bit to eat the pies - aka played with fabric while my husband watched the football game... We rearranged blocks - Who knew 15 blocks would be so hard to arrange? I finished piecing the top... it is long and narrow :o(
New quilt top
I had previously pulled fabrics for quilts that I want to make from a new book:
Quilt book (lots of fun projects)
I plan to do this quilt:
In these fabrics:
Serendipity quilt fabrics
(I will add a lavendar solid also from my stash!)

7. later that evening, I worked on some other quilty things - like adding borders and piecing backs for a few things that have been lingering....

8. So we drive "all the way to Virginia." (Some people make a very big deal out of crossing the Potomac - I'm just saying...) to the quilt shop on Black Friday - the biggest retail shopping day of the year... to find the shop closed. :o( & to think, even Rhapsody wanted to go
My helper Kitty
So we went to a shop that my GF wanted to check out closer to me - Penzys - a spice shop & the quilt shop, that is probably the closest to me. They had fat quarters on sale for $1.25 each. (I was SOOOOO good! I got a few for some very specific projects. Nothing to stash enhance.) I also got a couple cuts for binding - if the fabrics in your quilt are matchy-matchy - they your binding should match too. (Justifying - maybe.) After my GF dropped me off, I worked on more "quilt chores."

9. On Saturday, we decided to drive "all the way to Virginia" again... We called first this time & made sure that we talked to a real live person, not just an answering machine that would lead you to believe that they were open every day... I got some fabric for a border & binding - for the "tah dah" quilt that ended up long & narrow without a border.
New quilt top (yes, that is the same photo - it is still long & narrow.)
I did not get my "tah dah" moment, the owner was too busy - she had to call someone in to help - she did not think they they would be busy - it was busier on Saturday morning than it had been on Quilter's Quest while I was there... (Again this is a matchy-matchy quilt, so the border needed to match & 36 inches is not wide enough, so the extra 20 inches in border will help a lot. Luckily it is a big print so that it won't look too funny, Right?)
Quilt top corner with border fabrics

10. quilty accomplishments over the long weekend:
cut & pieced 15 blocks
pieced a quilt top from blocks that have been done for a while
new quilt top
added a border to 1 top, pieced the back for that top
pieced a back for two other tops
found the top & back that I want to send out for quilting

Purchased binding fabric for 2 tops
Purchased border & binding fabric for another top

drove "all the way to Virginia" twice.

What did you do? Did you catch the stashbusting in this post? I actually did a whole lot of work from my stash, like piecing backs & adding borders! (& some planning too.)

Back to the food, I almost forgot, that last night I finally got to the carcass & made turkey soup. (I will use the broth as the base for mushroom soup tonight.) & my husband made turkey salad. I even got to freeze a turkey breast. :o)


Libby said...

Sounds like a great weekend all the way around. That timing thing for meals is a hard one to get right . . . I usually just have folks come much earlier than necessary. Bonus - they are extra hungry by the time they get fed and think everything is delicious . . . no matter what. *an evil, yet effective plan*

Granny said...

Glad your meal turned out great. We always love having the bones to make "turkey bone soup". About that stashbusting . . you had me smiling! The good thing about stashbusting is that if it makes us feel good, then that's what counts! Love the quilts you posted. Several of those are on my "to do" list.

Silverthimble said...

You accomplished a lot this weekend! I love the colours you are working those two quilts up in! The Brickworks quilt looks like it has natural places for words.

Susan Tidwell said...

I love it, the 'long and narrow' quilt top! Have a great week!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I really like your long and narrow quilt and the border fabric looks great with it. I like blocks that connect and almost look like a plaid in the end.

Vicki W said...

Wow you were very productive! Your thanksgiving meal sounds yummy. I love the border fabric that you picked for the long and narrow quilt. It's going to be very pretty. The new fabrics you pulled (the brights) made me smile. My Mom and I made a QOV out of those fabrics earlier this year. I loved that quilt, it was very bright and happy!

Fabricmom said...

What a cute cat. I love the colors of fabric you picked out for the brickwork quilt in that book. Can't wait to see the top of that one.

Paula, the quilter said...

Of course you are working two quilts in my favorite colors. My timing for serving turkey is pitiful. It's always done before everything else.

swooze said...

Wow! Lot's of pretty tops. Thanks for sharing.

Jeri said...

what a nice weekend you had. I've got the pattern for that Long & Narrow quilt - did you use up all your FQs making it? Just curious, I think I'd have made it another row wider if there was enough fabric. (and I'm asking because I can't lay my hands on the pattern at the moment! LOL) The border fabric is gorgeous! BTW, I love your blog.

Amanda Jean said...

love that cross quilt and the bottom quilt...such fun ones! also like the quilt that you want to do from the book. I had never seen that pattern before, but it sure looks fun.

Kim said...

wow you got alot done this weekend and I love Rhapsody..such a cutie.
When I try to time everything to end up done the same time I make a huge list of what gets started when- alot is prepared Wed and cooked on Thursday...I remember Nana having multiple wind up timers for different dishes

atet said...

Sounds like a great weekend. And yeah -- "all the way to Virginia" HAH. I know that area. Now, if you factor in the traffic -- yeah, a bit of a pain. Love the border for the ta dah. Also love the fabrics in the other quilt top (but, well, you know that). Sounds like you got a lot done. I got some done -- but somehow doesn't seem like enough!

Ruth's Place said...

The tah-dah top is fabulous, and I LOVE the border print. IMHO it's perfect.

You put the rest of us to shame with what you got done this weekend! :)

Tanya said...

Wow! You sure got a lot done! I wish I could make a "done" list like that! I haven't been sewing in ages! Does Rhapsody really like to go for rides?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I really like your matchy-matchy quilt - that big print border is just perfect for it! Long and skinny is my favorite size for a snuggle couch quilt!

It is very hard to time things to be done cooking all at the same time - that is why commercial kitchens have warming cabinets, heat lights and such! But - it sounds like you managed just fine and had a fun day too!



ForestJane said...

Aww, my favorite pic of all those was Rapsody in the bag... my kitties love to climb in boxes and bags of all kinds... lol