Friday, November 09, 2007

Some Quilts from Houston

I have decided to post some quilts from Houston with explainations on why I decided to capture them on "film" for posterity. (& So I know later...)
In no particular order....
Night Quilting with Hertzsprung & Russell Night Quilting with Hertzsprung & Russell by: Karen G. Fisher, Arizona
Night Quilting with Hertzsprung & Russell close-up In general, I am not a big fan of embellishments... To me for the most part they seem "Ongepatcheket" (Yiddish for overdecorated/overdone) but this quilt used those star shaped buttons perfectly! (The link explains the relevance & the quilt name.)

Up, Up, & Away Up, Up, & Away By: David Taylor, Colorado
Perspective, Perspective, Perspective!

The Time of Amber The Time of Amber By: Junko Sawada, Japan
The Time of Amber Close-up I apparently like "pictoral" quilts... I really like this Japanese version for the unusual fabric choices.

My Sweet Town My Sweet Town By: Mayume Ueda, Japan
My Sweet Town close-up What is a Koban? (Any one care to hazard a guess as to why I like this taupe quilt?)

A Bright Summer Day A Bright Summer Day By: Ulla Addresson, Italy
I usually go for pictorals that are blatantly unabashedly quilts... I like to see old-fashioned green calicos used as leaves, etc. but this one impressed me anyway... What can I say?

Summer Succulants Summer Succulants By: Suzanne M. Hyland, Utah
Love the purple orange color combination for this quilt of a plant! I also like the square on a square/small version on top of the large version technique.

Luminous Diamonds Luminous Diamonds By: Cathy Tomm, Canada
Its black & white & bright - if I had place myself squarely in 1 box, that would be my box... I recognize so many of these prints from my own stash... This quilt appears to be "doable."

Picture 042 A journal quilt by L. Hayes, Illinois
Again, I like the way there are squares over the mainpiece... I like the use of photo transfers, I like the striated look of the earth... (I love that with journal & miniature quilts I can get the whole thing with out a terrible angle or people in the way. :o))

Picture 031 A Journal quilt By: E. Schamber, Virginia
The reflection/water is AWESOME!

Picture 029 A journal quilt by: R. Robertson, Maryland
I love the different techniques - especially the eye for "I" & the "S."

Packrat palace Packrat Palace by: Ruth Powers, Kansas
Packrat Palace close-up Another quilt where the embellishments are appropriate. Also this is a pictoral is made in a manner that says it is a quilt - not a photograph or painting.

Grand Poppy Grand Poppy By: Lenore Crawford, Michigan
I love this background!

Prairie Dawn Prairie Dawn By: Ann Brauer, Mass.
Prairie dawn close-up I love the fabric choices that she made!

Kosher Chicken Kosher Chicken Deanna Apfel, California
This one was in the Art Whimsical category & boy did it ever make me grin!

Picture 023 Wild Cat by: Sandy Curran, Virginia "The Calico Cat" has to include a photo of a cat quilt...


Jeanne said...

Love the cat quilt the best! It was fun seeing the quilts through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Paula, the quilter said...

I'm not of fan of a lot of embellishment either. Or for that matter photo transfer. I feel that a lot of it is done without consideration of the design of the piece. That's my penny's worth.

Hedgehog said...

Thanks so much for sharing these! My favorite are Prairie Dawn, QUILTS, and Luminous Diamonds.

Rian said...

Wow!! Awesome eye candy. I didn't get to see ALL the journal quilts, there were too many and not enough time. It's always interesting to see what someone else deems photo-worthy. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I thought of you with several cat related quilts I saw in Houston.

Tanya said...

What fun! How I'd like to see some of those quilts up close!

By the way, a Koban is a neighborhood police station in Japan. Just one or two policemen who make rounds on bicycles. Sort of handy if you've lost your way, found somebody's wallet, need to report an absent neighbor's broken pipe or something.

Shelina said...

Thanks for sharing these Amy! I like the packrat the best. I like embellishment, cause I like things shiny and packratlike.

Christine Thresh said...

How DID she do that water? Wow.

Ruth's Place said...

Great quilts! LOVE the kosher chicken!

sewprimitive karen said...

Thank you for posting Houston info and quilts, Amy; just love seeing the quilts, especially Kosher Chicken (how on earth did this idea come to mind?). And the cat quilt is just amazing.

Juryizstillout said...

Thanks for sharing these..I feel like I've been there!

atet said...

Love the choices of quilts you chose to share. Those Japanese quilts are amazing and the other pictorals? Great!