Monday, November 19, 2007

More for me than anything else - edited

Thanksgiving Menu (changes may be made at any point)
  1. Turkey (I am using the America's Test Kitchen method/recipe - plus a few herbs)
  2. I will try once again to make a gravy from the drippings - I have ruined it more times than not... the rue ruins me - how is that for alliteration?
  3. Sweet potatos - baked & served plain (maybe with pumpkin pie spice)
  4. Baked potatos - ditto, except the spice would probably be different :o) Am I the only one who is convinced that all "-tos" should have an "e?" Just wondering.
  5. Quinoa - maybe plain, maybe with sauteed veggies and toasted nuts thrown in... Probably plain, they already have a nutty flavor.
  6. carrots - just boiled
  7. Squash - made with apples and pumpkin pie spice
  8. Stuffing - maybe, depends on my mood - this is a late addition to the menu (I would do a variation of the hyperlinked recipe.) My Girlfriend is going to make this too. I though we had enough "starch" but she would miss stuffing (I probably would too honestly - but I messed it up last year.)
  9. sauteed spinach with wild mushrooms
  10. my girl friend is bringing cranberry sauce
  11. my girlfriend is bringing an apple pie
  12. sweet potato pie with a candied pecan topping - served well after the main meal, because of the heavy cream & butter...

Are there any glaring omissions - I don't care for green bean casserole - or any other gloppy vegetables in disguise. My girlfriend doesn't like cruciferous vegetables, so the roasted cauliflower & broccoli is out... I can't make anything with milk, cheese, or butter...

Feel free to share your Thanksgiving Menu - or any similar harvest menu...


McIrish Annie said...

sounds like lots of food! how many are you having??? send the leftovers to me! LOL

swooze said...

Do you do rolls of any kind? How about a condiment tray with cheese, olives, pickles? Your menu is very similar to mine.

Paula, the quilter said...

Mmmm... I just ate lunch then read your post. Now I'm hungry again. It's all in your mind Paula. Its all in your mind Paula. Thanksgiving dinner is a very carb heavy meal and I try to at least serve a green salad. That is the one glaring omission I saw. That said, can I come to dinner? LOL

ForestJane said...

This sounds great, when's dinner? :D

I actually came over to your blog specially to see your squares quilt - not here! Was it in an earlier post?

Ruth's Place said...

Sounds delicious!

Where I live, we do spell potatoes with an 'e'...

cityquilter grace said...

thanksgiving is a holiday meal that features bread in every color--sweet and white potatoes, stuffing, peas, squash, rolls, as us ex-weight watcher attendees used to say...LOL

BTW amy, i am searching for a FQ with gray or silver cats; do you have any you could swap with me? i don't have any taupes but could rustle up something you might want, i'm sure....let me know

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I'm a little late to comment for the gravy this time around, but... try using cornstarch instead of flour (1/2 the amount - so if using 6 tablespoons of flour, use 3 tablespoons of cornstarch), disolve the cornstarch in COLD water - then mix it with the butter. The water must be cold or else it will clump. That is what I do and it works pretty good. If it is really awful you can usually rescue it with a hand held mixer/blender thingy or put it all in the food processor!