Sunday, November 18, 2007


my text books
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This is my response to the meme on Jeanne's blog "Spiral." Page 161, sentence 6. You wanna join in the fun - have at it!

To start, I am honestly reading these three at the same time. They are the text books for my class at American University on negotiations.

From the Blue book, Negotiation readings, exercises, and cases by Lewicki, et al., "Consider the curious, consistent, and robust finding in a number of studies that buyers tend to outperform sellers in market settings in which the balance of power is equal." Complete with a endnote crediting a book by Bazerman et al. Negotiating Rationally.

Oh you wanted more...
From Leverage by Volkema (My professor) " The participants in a multiparty negotiation always consist of the primary parties that 'own' the problem or opportunity being negotiated (that is, the individuals who are directly affected by the agreement).

& From The Negotiation Tool Kit also by Volkema (not surprise there huh?) "If you find someone from another culture to negotiate with you, all the better." (Which kind of harkens back to my cryptic message the other day about Scandinavian Culture...)


atet said...

Don't you miss the days of being able to do some light reading? Since I think I've read the footnoted Bazerman book -- I shouldn't really say anything.

Ruth's Place said...

Sounds thrilling! Don't you love how professors set their own books as textbooks so you have to buy them and bump up their sales?

Jeanne said...

Oh, kiddo -- this is really GRIM!!!
Jeanne :)