Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a taste

Light Taupes I am sharing these to give you a tiny morsel of why I am
mediums going to endeavor/try to not buy fabric in the future.
lights Try being the word in emphasis.
taupes This barely a smidgen of my taupe collection.
Judaic taupes I have finally cut a 5.75 strip off of every piece that is 1/2 yard and smaller. I plan to make the Isotaupe quilt that was featured in QNM earlier this year. You too can play along... Free instructions here. (If you just want to see the finished quilt, click on either Isotaupe.)

I have a lot more mediums & darks, but apparently I do not have photos of them.
Some other possible & probable ideas for my Taupes:
An applique project with a scrappy light background.
card tricks
Ping - a BOM
A BAQ block... (no sense in creating a whole nuther UFO in that genre.)
snowball/shoofly variation
Japanese Puzzle - I bought the pattern & the template... (I originally was going to do this in Asian prints...)

That will hopfully make a dent in 1 of my fabric collections.

Also I want to use my "new" fabrics that might be considered "trendy" so that I won't have one of those "what was I thinking" moments in a year or sooner. (I have a Jinny Beyer kit that keeps screaming that very phrase to me. I still like the pattern & the fabrics, but I still do not want to do that kind of piecing...)

So I am unofficially officially joining Judy in a year of Austerity. (quit laughing so hard...)


Vicki W said...

I love the Isotaupe quilt and can't wait to see your version! Don't worry, people are laughing at me too. I have to try to cut back on my purchases. It's not a money thing - I am starting to drown in my stuff! That, I think, hurts creativity as much as having no fabric.

The Carolina Quilter said...

NO YEAR of AUSTERITY!!! I work in a quilt shop and we frown on the denial of oneself to fabric luxuries! haha. I do however realize the need for restraint. I end up paying back at least 1/3 of my paycheck every two weeks to feed my habit.

Morah said...

Where did you get those Judaic taupes????? Tell me they aren't 20 years old.

Ruth's Place said...

That is a lot of taupe! Good luck with your year of austerity.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I've yet to see an Isotaupe quilt. I look forward to watching this come to life. I can't wait.

Kay said...

The fabric manufacturers and designers are going to feel the pinch if everyone goes for a year of austerity! I've cut back too. There's a limit to what you can have. The isotaupe quilt is a beauty though, isn't it?

Marisa said...

Love love love your taupes...some actually look a bit familiar to me ;) Glad you have them out an are starting to cut!

I am seriously thankful for your blog, and love the work you do. So much effort and love of the craft. Always a highlight of my day to sit and read here.

**Morah - These were available last year at www.pinwheels.com not sure if they will still have them, but good luck.

Shelina said...

Good luck to you on your Year of Austerity! I've gotten myself quite a collection of background fabric - designated for Shakespeare in the Park, but there might be enough for several quilts there. I have been trying to be realistic with my fabric purchase and avoided the fat quarter collection at 50% off, and avoiding going to the Joann's Moonlight Sale or the LQS anniversary sale.

martha said...

Love taupes love taupes love taupes-no worries I am sure ou will put them to good use. sorry I have no idea about the chocolate but there can never be too much right:)
Happy Thanksgiving!

amandajean said...

I am laughing so hard...just because I know how hard it would be...but good luck to you! :)

I have put quite a dent in my stash recently...especially the yards and yards of background fabric and backing fabric that I bought for some day....it's nice to have it on hand when I need it.

I do know that feeling of "what was I thinking?" when I bought certain fabric...I think we all do that at one time or another.

floribunda said...

I don't remember seeing the Isotaupe quilt in QNM -- but it's lovely and shimmery. I look forward to seeing yours!