Friday, November 16, 2007

Hanukkah Anyone?

Hankkah Anyone?
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O.K. Hanukkah is the next Jewish Holiday. O.K. is it the one that stores know how to sell to the most.

(Grocers are catching on to Passover, but I still see "Not for passover" on the labels of some of the Passover Specials. Not to mention that Ad that I saw for HAM that had Happy Passover on it...)

O.K. Hanukkah is only a few weeks away...

I am still trying to figure out my Thanksgiving menu!

(& if I wait long enough, some of this might be on sale later...)

Thank you all the same for having stuff for sale. (Yes, Christmas had a WHOLE aisle, not just an end cap...)


Zegi said...

Can't beat a good Passover Ham. Do you think an editor looked at that?!

Tanya said...

And I thought faux pas were only trying to do languages!

Alas, Thanksgiving may not be coming to my house... The only time we celebrate it is when we are invited to some other foreigner's home and this year the cook's in Tokyo! Well, if it weren't for blog friends who are talking about Thanksgiving it would blow by me without me noticing at all!

atet said...

Ham? And Passover?? Hey, I'm a Goy and I know better than that!

Shelina said...

They had Christmas decorations out before Halloween this year. Anyway to get an extra buck I guess. This weekend, they are having sales for people who don't like the mad dash on black Thursday (day after Thanksgiving).

I guess I should be happy that the Muslim holidays are still unnoticed by the retailers, getting so commercialized that the original meaning is lost. Don't want to be offered ham for any of my holiday celebrations either!

Rhonda said...

My boys called last week and informed me that they couldn't make it for Thanksgiving.....but...could I please do Thanksgiving 11-15-2007...It was short notice but I did it. Good luck with your festivities.